Fennel Tea As A Natural Healer

Fennel Tea As A Natural Healer

Fennel Tea has many natural healing attributes. This article gives several different mixtures and how they can be used to promote the body’s natural healing ability.


Fennel tea is used to promote a healthy appetite and good digestion. Fennel tea is so gentle it can be used for infants and children. To prepare fennel tea, take one-cup boiling water and pour over one to two teaspoons crushed fennel seeds. Let stand for ten minutes and then drain. Drink this mixture three times per day, to relieve abdominal cramps, upset stomach, colic or bloating. You can add other herbs such as caraway seeds and anise seeds to this mixture.

Fennel tea is also used to help alleviate symptoms of whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis and other upper- respiratory infections. To prepare fennel tea to aid in alleviating these symptoms, you will need one-ounce fennel seeds, one-ounce anise seeds, and two-third ounce marsh-mallow root and two-third ounce thyme. Take all the herbs and mix together. Then use one teaspoon of herb mixture per one cup of boiling water. Let mixture stand in water for ten minutes and then strain to remove undiluted herbs. Drink this mixture three times per day.

This mixture of milk also helps relieve stomach cramps and abdominal pain, mix one cup warm milk with one tablespoon crushed fennel seeds, let stand for two to three minutes, strain and slowly drink warm milk.

If breastfeeding, an old folk remedy to relieve sore nipples or relieve an infection, is to soak a cloth in warm tea and apply to the infected area of the skin. Apply this compress up to three times per day.

Fennel tea is also good for eye inflammations, to prepare this mixture take one-half cup water and add two teaspoons crushed fennel seeds and bring mixture to a boil. Let cool for ten minutes, then soak a cotton cloth in mixture and place on eye for fifteen to twenty minutes. It is best to do this is a dim lighted room.