Daily Cosmic Calendar for Monday, February 27th

Don’t take loved ones, friends or associates for granted as a new workweek begins under earnest and persistent Taurus Moon. Watch out for the shadow sides of lunar Taurus – obstinacy, laziness, too much pleasure-seeking, and resistance to change in any form. Helping you adapt to changing circumstances is an inspiring and vitality-enhancing Venus-Mars parallel (8:54AM PST). This sky pattern can also give romantic partners a burst of heart-to-heart energy. Put a tiger in your physical and emotional tanks as the Moon trines Mars in earth signs (2:09PM PST). Get back into the swing of exercise routines or a favorite sport. Improve your golf stroke, curve ball or tennis backhand. Willpower and mental concentration can be your teammates in working wonders on construction projects or professional enterprises – thanks to the supportive, 60-degree alliance between the radiant Sun and underworld-ruling Pluto (11:15PM PST). Reach out to nurture a loved one with your healing touch when Chiron squares off with Juno (11:28PM PST). This 90-degree aspect may have some tension built into it, but Chiron and Pallas are approaching an uplifting union in Pisces at 4:25AM PST tomorrow and you can pick up on these highly favorable vibes ahead of time.