2 oz. vegetable oil or vodka
1/4 tsp each citronella and eucalyptus essential oils
1/8 tsp each pennyroyal, cedar and rose geranium essential oil,

Combine ingredients and apply mixture directly to all exposed skin. Keep oil
away from eyes and mouth – take care not to rub your eyes right after applying
the repellent with you fingers


2 thoughts on “INSECT REPELLENT

  1. That sounds amazing, is it pet friendly? I tend to keep rosemary or peppermint oil mixed in with the straw so the bugs stay away from my Labradors.


    1. Good morning and forgive me for taking so long in replying to your question. I rub fennel on my pup and cats. And they have no problem with any pests. In fact, since I have been doing that I haven’t seen one flea on them. As far as this recipe goes, there is nothing that is poisonous to pets. But due to the vodka in the recipe, I wouldn’t use it on my pets. I would be scared I would get the alcohol in their eyes. Also I know my small pup’s skin is sensitive, so the vodka would cause a skin rash on her. You have to remember that animal’s skin is much more sensitive than our. Now if you wanted to fixed some up in a breathable bottle and put next to your pets’ beds, that might be a safer way to go. But my general rule for as my pets goes, if it has alcohol in it, I don’t even think about putting it on them. I hope this helps you out. Again, forgive me for taking so long to respond to your question.


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