Your Chakra Colors and What They Do

Your Chakra Colors and What They Do

  • Annie B. Bond


For millennia, eight colors have been thought to correspond to energy centers in the body. Wearing or surrounding yourself with these colors leads to balance and inner healing. For example, if you want to open your heart, there is a color that corresponds to the heart that will help. If you need to speak your truth to someone, you can wear a throat-chakra-colored scarf for encouragement. Find out about the chakra colors and what they do.

Red – First chakra, base of the spine. Groundedness, trust, belonging, lessens feelings of mistrust.

Orange – Second chakra, belly just below the navel. Sensuality, emotion, creativity, lessens feelings of inferiority.

Yellow – Third chakra, solar plexus. Will, identity, commitment, lessens feelings of confusion.

Green – Fourth chakra, heart. Compassion, forgiveness, intimacy, lessens feelings of isolation.

Blue – Fifth chakra, throat. Expression, communication, power to manifest, generativity, lessens feelings of stagnation.

Indigo – Sixth chakra, third eye, between the eyes. Clear sight, intuition, integrity, lessens feelings of despair.

Violet – Seventh chakra, crown, top of the head. Spiritual connection, mastery, lessens feelings of distraction.

White – Eighth chakra, just above the head. Radiance, expansion, lessens feelings of limiting attachment.

Adapted from The Chakras in Shamanic Practice, by Susan J. Wright (Inner Traditions, 2007). Copyright (c) 2007 by Susan J. Wright. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from The Chakras in Shamanic Practice, by Susan J. Wright (Inner Traditions, 2007).

Cosmic Calendar for January 26th

You encounter another one of those fairly rare quiescent days – from the standpoint of the universe – when only a few alignments grace the stage of Planet Earth. As the Moon continues its monthly transit in Pisces, it unites with Venus (5:13AM PST) and then Vesta (7:41AM PST). This is a major boost for increasing the value of your assets, prized possessions and investments. You may also want to talk to soul-sisters who may be good and trusted advisers across the board. Surprises and shocks to the system are more likely to occur around the time when the Moon first parallels Uranus (11:25AM PST) and then makes a contra-parallel to Uranus just 12 minutes later (11:37AM PST). Consider experimenting with a digital or video camera today. Photography, film and video work, as well as improvisation in art, music and dance can go well under the monthly Pisces Moon dispensation. Intense or hostile vibes may be on the rise tonight as the Moon opposes Mars (8:54PM PST) – beginning a void lunar cycle that lasts until 10:29AM PST tomorrow when the Moon enters Aries. Fighting with a loved one this evening is a no-no. Find common ground and surround yourself with plenty of serenity to ride out the overnight psychic storm.

Calendar of the Sun for Jan. 26th

Calendar of the Sun
26 Luis/Gamelion

Gamelia: Day of the Sacred Marriage

Colors: Red and green
Elements: Fire and earth
Altar: On cloth of red and green, place a chalice of water or wine, a blade, a red candle and a green one, incense, a wreath of flowers or herbs, and a branch on which are slipped two rings.
Offerings: Do something in partnership with someone else.
Daily Meal: Sweet cakes, breads, and fruit. Two of everything.

Gamelia Invocation

On this day we invoke the sacred marriage
Of the Lady and Lord,
Whether we call them Hera and Zeus,
Jupiter and Juno,
Dagda and Boannan,
Shiva and Parvati,
Ariadne and Dionysus,
Odhinn and Frigga,
Or any other two who joined not only in love
And the bonds of the fiery flesh,
But chose to be bound together
In the sight of their community
And create the keel of the ship
That was anchored by love
And that carried the hopes of many others.
For to be married is to make a commitment,
Whether that marriage is to another soul
Or to the soul of the Divine.
Come forth and show us divine love,
And may we all be in awe
Of its holiness and power.

(The ritual for this day is the Great Rite, performed by one man and one woman. If done symbolically, the man plunges a blade into the chalice held by the woman, and then it is poured as a libation. Ideally, it should be done literally, either by members of the house or by two who have come in for this purpose. If outsiders, it would be an auspicious time to conceive a child. All sit facing outwards in a circle and chant as the couple are wrapped in a red cloth and lay together in the center, and when it is done all repair to their rooms and either contemplate love or have ritual sex, alone or together.)

Calendar of the Sun for Jan. 26th

Calendar of the Sun
26 Wolfmonath

Enki’s Day

Colors: Blue and white
Elements: Air and water
Altar: Upon cloth of blue and white place many small knives, a smoking censer, a bowl of millet, a cup of wine and a cup of river water.
Offerings: Millet and wine.
Daily Meal: Millet, wine, and beef.

Invocation to Enki

Hear now the words of Enki the Great, Lord of Sweet waters!
“My father, the king of the universe, brought me into existence.
My ancestor, the king of all the lands,
Gathered together all the, me,
Placed the me in my hand.
From the Ekur, the house of Enlil,
I brought craftsmanship to my Abzu of Eridu.
I am the fecund seed engendered by the great wild ox,
I am the first born son of An,
I am the hurricane who goes forth out of the great below,
I am the gugal of the chieftains,
I am the father of all the lands,
I am the elder brother of the gods,
I am he who brings full prosperity,
I am the record keeper of heaven and earth,
I am he who directs justice with the king An on An’s dais.
At my command the stalls have been built, the sheepfolds have been enclosed,
When I approached heaven a rain of prosperity poured down from heaven,
When I approached the earth, there was a high flood,
When I approached its green meadows,
The heaps and mounds were piled up at my word.”
Hail Enki, Lord of Sweet Waters,
Keeper of all the me!

(The millet, the wine, and the river water is poured out as a libation. The remainder of the hour should be taken up with a discussion of the me of the household, that is, the proper and mindful way to do each thing.)

Wiccan Book of Days for January 26th – Efficacions Eucalyptus

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Efficacions Eucalyptus

This day’s element is Air, which promotes clear thinking. But it is difficult to breathe, let alone think straight, if your sinuses are painful and your chest is congested with catarrh. So if you are suffering from a cold, turn to eucallyptus for help:  many commercial inhalanats and chest rubs contain this natural decongestant, but a home-made steam inhalation usually provides longer-lasting relief. Simply add 2 to 4 drops of the essential oil to a bowl of hot water, then lean over the bowl, cover your head with a towel, and start breathing in and out slowly and deeply; do this for up to five minutes.

“A Mystical Message”

Air is an agent of communication, for sounds are carried on the airwaves. Practice chanting a mantra, such as the Sanskrit Om, the mystical sound of creation in hindu belief, and you may find that this resonant repetition aids your meditation or trance-work.

The Wicca Book of Days

Correspondences & Spellcrafting for Thursday, January 26th

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Correspondences for Thursday, January 26th

Magickal Intentions: Luck, Happiness, Health, Legal Matters, Male Fertility, Treasure and Wealth, Honor, Riches, Clothing Desires, Leadership, Public Activity, Power and Success

Incense: Cinnamon, Must, Nutmeg and Sage

Planet: Jupiter

Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces

Angel: Sachiel

Colors: Purple, Royal Blue and Indigot

Herbs/Plants: Cinnamon, Beech, Buttercup, Coltsfoot, Oak

Stones: Sugilite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire

Oil: (Jupiter) Clove, Lemon Balm, Oakmoss, Star Anise

Jupiter presides over Thursday. The vibrations of this day attune well to all matters involving material gain. Use them for working rituals that entail general success, accomplishment, honors and awards, or legal issues. These energies are also helpful in matters of luck, gambling, and prosperity.


Spellcrafting for Thursday, January 26th



Springtime Ritual

 By Morgana Ravenwings


Spring is right around the corner!! Imbolc, a day of welcoming the Maiden has just passed. Soon She will be growing, maturing into what She will one day be….. the Great Mother. But for now, She is sweet and beautiful, carefree, laughing, innocent, and oh, so alive. She is full of potential, in love with life, in love with everything around Her. She begins running free through the fields and the wood, encouraging growth….growth that can not be seen yet, but is happening all around us. Happening in secret, in the womb of Mother Earth.


This ritual will focus on healing what has past, what we can no longer do anything about. It will encompass not only healing, but the discovery of the potential that lies hidden within us all, the potential we were born with, the potential that we are meant to use on our Earthwalk to better our lives and the lives of those around us, whether two-legged, four-legged, green, winged, crawling or swimming. And it will encompass a dedication/rededication, a promise to ourselves to keep our eyes on the path; to seek the pure, the sacred, the Divine within us as the ultimate goal. To burst forth with our potential, just as Spring will soon burst forth before our eyes.


You will need:


A candle in your choice of color (What color symbolizes your inner self to You?)


A fireproof bowl or cauldron to put the candle in


Incense of your choice (In this ritual we will be doing inner work. What incense puts you in a quiet frame of mind?)


Two pieces of paper and a pen


Some beautiful music


A cup of tea, if desired (I always think better over tea….)


Body of the Ritual


If you wish, cast a circle. If not, simply visualize yourself surrounded by white light. Thank the Goddess.


Place the candle in the bowl. Put on the music. Make your tea, thanking the Goddess for her bounty as you do. Light the candle and incense and have a seat in front of the candle with your paper and pen. Light the candle and incense.


Begin with centering. Close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. In and out, in and out. Feel the breath on your nostrils. Feel it entering your body. Rising and falling. Quiet your mind. In and out. In and out. Feel yourself becoming still. Bit by bit, your body begins relaxing….your thoughts slow down…..stillness…..sacred quiet…..


When you feel that sacred stillness welling up within you, open your eyes and pick up a sheet of paper and pen. Think back over the past months, the winter months. If you need to, close your eyes again and quietly reflect. What has been going on in your life? Are there aspects of your life that need healing? Are you secretly harboring anger or resentment towards someone? Perhaps towards yourself? Has someone hurt you in thought word or deed? Have you not been taking care of yourself, thinking that others should be taken care of first because they are more “important”? Do you not like yourself? Are you confused? Is your mind running a mile a minute, making stillness very hard to come by? Have you hurt someone in thought, word, or deed? What in your inner life needs healed? Are you worried about material needs? About members of your family or friends? Whatever pops in your mind, write on the piece of paper. When you are done, take each thing you have written, and expand on it. Write about each thing that has popped in your mind. Why do you think this has happened? How do you feel about it? What can be done about it? Anything? Do you need to let go of something or someone? When you are done writing about each thing, hold the paper up, and put it in the flame of the candle. As you do this say:


I release these burdens. I release this karma. The Divine Fire purifies all.


Watch as the entire paper burns up, knowing that as this happens, these things are being burnt out of your spirit, the karma that these incidents have created is being burnt, removed, turned to ashes. As if it never happened….gone. Remember, everything we do creates karma, and karma returns to us, good or bad, oftentimes unexpectedly and through unexpected sources. When the paper is completely burned, thank the Goddess in what ever manner you are accustomed to.


Now you have been freed up to hear clearly. To hear your inner Self. That still small voice within you. We cannot hear properly when our mind is churning over hurts, over things that need to be done, over the past, over things that we cannot control or change.


Put the second piece of paper in front of you. Close your eyes, return to focusing on your breathing. Quiet your mind. Return to the stillness. Quiet. Silence. Open your eyes, and write on the paper “Why am I here?” Underneath this, write the first thing that pops in your mind. Write again “Why am I here?” Again, write the first thing that pops in your mind. Continue doing this 20 times, over and over. Do not think about how you are answering. Don’t censor yourself. Just listen and write. Many different reasons will pop into your mind, and each of these is as valid as the next. Just write. When you are finished, pick up the paper and read your answers. What do these answers tell you about yourself? Do you see a pattern in your answers? A progression? Have your passions come to the forefront in this exercise?


We come into this Earthplane knowing our purpose. We know why we are here. But as we grow, we forget. We get caught up in relationships, careers, school, worries, etc. During all this hustle and bustle, we forget who we are and why we are here. This exercise helps us to begin the remembering process. Our inner Self still knows why we are here, we just need to listen. In this listening comes the remembering.


After contemplating your answers, fold the paper up, go outside, and bury it in the Earth. As you do this, giving of yourself and your innermost thoughts to Mother Earth, promise yourself to continue listening, to continue remembering and to place your spiritual life high on your list of priorities. Rededicate yourself, in the form of promising yourself, to keep your eyes on your Divine quest. Thank the Goddess. It is done.

About the Author: Morgana is a High Priestess with the Order of the White Moon and founder of Daughters of the Greening online school. She is a registered healer and her life and school focus on the healing of the Earth and animal rights. She is currently accepting new students.


Have A Super Fabulous Thursday, dear friends!

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Good day, dear ones! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I woke up this morning in foggy London, lol! I wish but not really. I am still in Kentucky but I have never seen such fog in my life. It is after lunchtime and it is still foggy. This is strange, strange weather we have been having. I listened to the News though and I believe everyone is having strange weather this year. Days like today make you look at the calendar and count the days to Spring. I know Kiki and I can’t wait for Spring to get here. We miss taking our walks down to the pond. Kiki might be a little Pom but if I don’t keep my eye on her, she jumps in the pond. Oh, brother! 

One Summer, I got a fishing hair up my rump. There is a huge shade tree by the pond and I figured that would be a perfect spot for Kiki and I to fish. I gathered up all my fishing gear and off we went. You can sit at this pond and catch Blue-Gill after Blue-Gill. That year, none of them were big enough to keep. But this year, they might be a good eating size. Anyway back to the story, I would pull in a fish and Kiki would get all excited. She would pounce on the poor fish, growl at it, snarl and just act down right vicious, lol! I didn’t think anything about it. I threw my line back in and got a bite. This was a good bite. So I jerked my pole and the next thing I knew, Kiki was in the pond after my line. I like to, well you know. She was in the pond swimming out to the line. I dropped the rod and started hollering and going in after her. She turned around and starting swimming back, chasing my line. I grabbed the rod before the fish drug it in the pond. I fish with two hooks on my line. On the first line, I had a medium size catfish. I pulled it up on the bank. Kiki came flying out of the pond and stepped on the second hook. I like to have died. She holler and yelped and was wild as a jacka**. I threw the fish back in the pond and I tried to calm Kiki down were I could cut the fishing line. She wouldn’t hold still to save me. So I was smoking, I decided to burn the line off the rod. It worked. I took off running from the pond to the house to get the hook out of her paw. We got to the house, she was almost hysterical. Hubby heard her screaming, he came running. Well I caught heck from him because she had a hook in her paw. Kiki is his baby! I thought I was going to have to slap him, he was almost hysterical too. He sat down in the kitchen and I got the pliers and started to cut the pointy end off the hook. Thank the Goddess, it was just barely through her padded paw. I had no problem getting it out. When it was finally out, hubby and Kiki loved and loved. He kept telling her, I was a bad Momma because I caused her to get a hook in her paw. Yeah, right! I can ask her now, if she wants to go fishing and she jumps up and down. I really don’t think the experience traumatized her too much, lol!

Have a great day and dream of the warm days of Spring that are just a month and 21 days away!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


Today’s Affirmation for Thursday, January 26th

“I am committed to finding the most worthwhile routes for my energies – I will work to transform my emotions into the exhilarating energies of the spirit.”


Today’s Visualization for Thursday, January 26th

Releasing Negativity

Close your eyes and focus your attention on the breath. As you in hale visualize yourself drawing pure white light in through your nostrils until it fills your being. As you exhale visualize all your negative thoughts and painful emotions passing out of your nostrils in a muddy stream. Maintain this visualization as you continue breathing.