What Is In a Name?

What Is In a Name?
Author: Siren Starsong

Something memorable happened to my children and me the other day. I believe I was mystically guided by the hand of Bast, the Egyptian goddess of cats, women and children, to call my children together in what will surely be a defining moment in all of our existences as witches. We decided to choose our Wiccan or “Magical” names, as I like to refer to them. Some Wiccans do this; some do not. But being that I’m such a believer in dreams and all things magical, as are my children, I knew this was something we would do with incredible enthusiasm. Of course, recently my studies have included many of the Eastern and Asian traditions as well as the Stars, Ruling planets, Zodiacal signs, and the Elemental dispositions of people.

This knowledge being fresh in my mind and so eerily accurate in the descriptions of these little people that I knew better than anyone, I knew it was the right time to do this. For lack of a better word, I was inspired. It was not an easy task and it took pretty much all day to create their perfect and everlasting, Wiccan identities. Coupled with some further online research during this process, our names emerged. Names that would keep my children ever mindful of an innately good presence guiding their every movement as well as keeping a little magic in their daily routines. I also knew that we would be able to actively use these titles whether in ritual or rite or if nothing else, just to show each other affection. In perfect love and perfect trust.

My name was easy. I chose my name shortly after realizing that Wicca and Witchcraft were to be the path that my own life would follow. I had read a few books, and researched extensively online for something that I could believe in and feel good about. I was raised Baptist and had become so disenchanted with how Hollywood-ized it and many other western, Christian denominations had become. I knew that what I believed was different than how I was “conditioned” by my society to believe, but was unaware that there were a vast number of individuals whose views were just like mine.

And once I realized Wicca was right for me, it just seemed like the next phase of my metamorphosis to adopt my Wiccan identity. You know me as Siren Starsong. Being born a Capricorn and an Earth sign, I often wondered why I never really seemed to fit that description. I mostly exemplified the Aquarian traits and personality type.

Once I started reading about the Western Zodiac, my eyes were opened. See, I was a preemie. Born just over two weeks early. Had I finished my gestation and made my due date, Aquarius all the way honey! Maybe this would explain my recurrent dreams of being a mermaid. I’ve always been inexplicably drawn to the water.

I ache for the sea. To taste the brine on my lips, the sting of it in my eyes, the incessant rhythm of lunar-pulled, rolling tides. When I’m too far inland, I yearn for the seashore. When I’m standing on the sand, sea foam licking my toes, I feel I’m home and never want to leave. Then, there is the facet of music. It’s in my blood. Born to generations of gifted musicians,

I’m sure it was imparted to me as my mother’s voice penetrated the womb while singing lullabies in anticipation of my arrival. My instrument is my voice. It is my gift. Mermaids sing to the sea.

In legends, Sirens were known for voicing the most unfathomably beautiful serenade, that their songs actually hypnotized sailors, unfortunately to their tragic demise. Therefore, with two such powerful forces in me, I settled on SIREN and SONG. STAR had to be a part of it too. Stars in the sky (luv ’em) , starfish in the sea (duh) , pentagrams, pentacles (full of meaning) , you can see where I was headed with this. They are my favorite shape. Anyway, after saying it a bunch of different ways, once I heard THE ONE, it was like MAGIC. It was obvious at that very moment that I would forevermore be SIREN STARSONG. Merry meet.

So the process of finding a name had been established and I knew it would be such a magical and binding journey for my children. Don’t get me wrong, they are free to believe as they see fit. I only see to it as my duty to guide them in a path of light. The right-hand path of Wicca. If they grow out of adolescence only to choose a belief system different than mine, then so-be-it. At least I know that I had a hand in imparting them with the insight of the different worldly and otherworldly spiritualities. Gifting them along their way with a metaphysical window to see all that is, and can be good. Should they, in their adulthood, choose another way or craft, I’ll know they did it intelligently, wielding a wealth of divine knowledge and strength.

So, I just thought I’d share with you all exactly how we came to be who we are as a family of witches. What our names represent. Maybe a bit about who each of my children are and an idea about their signs and elements will highlight just how our names evolved. Again, the Internet proved to be an amazing and helpful tool in helping us with our quest.

Here’s the rundown:

Morgan Ashlee is the birth-name of my first-born daughter. She is sweet and strong-willed, self-aware and sassy! At 12 years old she is quite the super diva, singing ever so much better than I did at her age. Always the performer, she loves positive accolades and tons of attention. Immensely helpful, excellently intelligent, spirited and graceful. She can dance like nobody’s business (a cheerleader, GASP) . Though, she is more apt to befriend the wallflower than the debutant just out of sheer good will. She is eternally optimistic and rarely downtrodden. Super-emotive and affectionate, she is hilarious, entertaining, and one of my all-time, very best friends. She is fair-haired with snowy pale, glowy skin and cool, azure eyes. To me, she is what I envision angels looking like. She radiates light and warmth. Her beauty is luminous and celestial. She is a Libra, an Air sign.

Her Wiccan or magical name selection of ARIA represents her gift for and love of music. She also chose AQUA signifying both her physical characteristic of blue eyes and for her primary eastern element, which is Water. STAR was a given. Symbolic of her desire for admiration as well as her radiant beauty and kindness. A YIN to both mine and her younger sister’s Yang, she is also the Pig per the Chinese zodiac and a secondary Wood element. With a little help from myself, Morgan chose a name that suits her to a “T”. She is ARIA AQUASTAR and the only one of my children to share a common name (STAR) with myself. And here’s the weirdness. When she was born, I had yet to study any of these philosophies and had no idea of her astrological essence. So it is astonishing to me that the name I chose for her so long ago, simply because it sounded pleasing, was curiously accurate by definition. Morgan means “of the sea” or “by the sea” (her primary eastern element is Water) and Ashlee means “grove of Ash trees” (her secondary eastern element is Wood) . A little pre-Wiccan divination perhaps? Amazing!!!

Second by birth order is my daughter Shayne Alexis. She is 10 and was born on the fourth of July. She is the Yang of the two girls. She is soft-hearted and quirky, meek and wildly artistic, imaginative and silly. She is often misunderstood by those with little patience, due to her fluctuating disposition. She is the instigator, the ringleader of the younger children into a realm of dreamy, euphoric play. She wears her heart on her sleeve, loves all animals, and would rather be outdoors to run free. She’s a hard one to keep still for very long. She loves to tend a garden and can skillfully grow most anything. She’s adventurous yet clingy to the comforts of her own home.

Shayne is exquisitely petite, almost pixie-like, despite her inflated appetite. Her dark hair, saucer-sized, brown eyes and creamy complexion are reminiscent of a china doll. And much like a fairy, she’s often found perched comfortably atop seemingly awkward places (like the corner of a dresser or the back of a sofa) as if she is weightless. She and I are the most alike personality-wise which makes sense since we are both Tigers per the Chinese zodiac. She is a Cancer and a Water sign.

TALLULAH was decided upon after much aggravation to Shayne. She was harder to impress than the others. It means “running water”. Her ruling planet is the MOON so that one was a must. And then of course, GARDEN because her eastern elements are both Wood and Earth and because of her “inner” gardener. With her delicate and ethereal beauty, it is no wonder that she fell in love with her own new title in an instant. Close your eyes and say it aloud…TALLULAH MOONGARDEN. Doesn’t it just ooze fairy magic?

Third-born is my first son, Logan Aric. Born on 9/11/2001 during the World Trade Center tragedy, at just 6, he is an old soul. He is the introspective, introverted, soft spoken, observant, inventive, considerate, little professor. He is the boy-wonder genius, with a razor sharp wit and puppy dog gaze. Big brown eyes, golden hair and a tawny glow make this lanky, golden-boy striking to behold. Yup, he’s sure to break a few hearts. He’s extra loveable and super affectionate. He is just as content to be sitting quietly, turning his fantasies into artwork as he is to be spastically jumping on the bed like a daredevil with his brother. And though he is rarely ruffled, if angered, he erupts like a volcano and sulks for hours. He is the Virgo and an Earth sign like myself. A Snake per the Chinese zodiac, his elements are Fire and Metal. He is the YIN of my two boys.

We chose PHEONIX like the bird that perishes in a torrent of flames and falls to the Earth as ash. Then from the ash, is reborn. This name is symbolic of both Logan’s Earth sign (ash) as well as his Fire element. And, for his own deeply, reflective personal trait as well as representing his secondary element of Metal, SILVER seemed fitting. Something I’ve learned while reading about Chinese Snakes is that they are prone to psychic tendencies. Strange then how, one of Logan’s favorite pretend games involves portals. Always daydreaming of portals. SEER is sure to hone his future talents. Altogether, he is PHEONIX SILVERSEER.

Our fourth child and second son, Gage Anson, was born the day after my first-born’s birthday. It seemed we had come full circle. My husband and I had originally chosen the name Gabriel for him pretty early on in my pregnancy. At the last minute though, for no good reason at all, we changed our minds and agreed on Gage. And WOW, was he determined to be here too, as he defied all contraception. This would be a telltale sign of who this little boy would become.

Gage is wild, exhaustingly energetic, and dripping with happiness. He loves to make people laugh, even at his own expense. He is almost freakishly, physically strong, but is quite attached to his soft blankie and pillow. He is loud, huggable, goofy, mischievous, laid back, sneaky, musically inclined, and is delightfully charming. He’s gotten away with so much due to that last point. He has dark hair and eyes, milky, porcelain skin, and pomegranate red lips. He’s built stocky and muscular, almost plump, completely opposite of his older brother.

As a baby his hair was full of gorgeous curls and we were often complimented on our “beautiful little girl”. He is beautiful, no doubt. Ironically, he is that kid who will secretly create a mural in the laundry room where you’ve purposely hidden the Sharpie markers, while standing atop the dryer. But, then he’ll pass out the next instance amongst the dirty clothes, as if his batteries have run out, looking nothing but angelic as he slumbers.

I was elated when, while browsing the Internet for names meaning “strong”, I found that GABRIEL was on the list. I think I actually screamed a little. Plus, I’ve always said Gage looked like an angel while he slept and Gabriel is the name of an angel. Next, we chose FIRE in honor of his primary element.

Gage is a Scorpio and an amorous Horse by Chinese tradition with Water as both his western sign and his secondary eastern element. We picked STORM for its aspects of Water, unpredictability, and occasionally destructive nature. He may have the coolest name out of the bunch. Gage is now known also as GABRIEL FIRESTORM.

THIS CONCLUDES OUR BROADCAST DAY. But in all seriousness, I’m so thankful to have come across this site where I can share my enthusiasm for my beliefs. You all are now a treasured part of my days. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these names. Also, I’d love to hear the stories behind your names. Thank you for taking the time to read this and blessed be.

Siren Starsong