Incense for Cats

Incense for Cats

Cats and magic have enjoyed a natural partnership throughout history. The Egyptians relied on feline cunning to destroy the rodents that plagued the Nile Valley granaries. Cats saved the population from starvation. Thereafter, cats were given a place of honor in Egypt.

The black jaguar of the Mayan people represented their most powerful deity and was the driving force behind their magic.

This is still true today. Giant ground pictures called intaglios, which are etched in to the Colorado basin of California, two mountain lions, each over a hindered feet long. According to the Mojave tribe, these are the tribal creator’s helpers.

Of course, no cat story would be complete without mentioning all the wonderful tales of Witches and their feline familiars.

One gem that has been handed down through English history is an incense recipe for cats:

3 teaspoons pine needles, dried and crushed

1 teaspoon frankincense

3 teaspoons catnip, dried and crushed

1/2-3/4 teaspoon gum arabic

Rain water to bind gun Arabic to the other ingredients.

Mix all ingredients together in a glass bowl. Burn on self-igniting charcoal. For your cat’s safety, burn this recipe before he or she comes in to play, or place the burner out of reach.

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