General Guidelines for Casting Spells

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General Guidelines for Casting Spells

1.  Set aside a room for your magical work. Decorate it with things that

put you in a magical mood. Remember to use things that stimulate all

five of your physical senses. Some obvious things would be the use of

appropriate colors for sight, incense for scent, music for hearing,

wines for taste, and textures for feel.

2.  If you do not have a room you can set aside exclusively for your

magical work, then choose a room that can be locked while you do your

work. This will allow you to work undisturbed. In any case, you

should clean your work area periodically with a purifying

powder/floorwash to keep away negative vibrations.

3.  Set up an altar to be used as your worktable. It’s size and shape

should be those that appeal to you. Placing candles and other items

that assist you to concentrate on the work at hand is a good

practice. Some people like to cover their altar with a white cloth

and place fresh cut flowers on it every day.

4.  Always use the best candles, oils, and incenses that you can afford,

or make your own, for scrimping on materials has a negative effect on

the subconscious. Don’t forget that the subconscious is very good at

making do with raw materials that it can shape to its own use.

5.  Never cast a spell until you have a clear and concise picture of what

it is you wish to accomplish. This ties in with the saying “Be

careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

6.  Always ground out any extra energy you raise for the spell, and bind

the spell so that it expires within the pre-determined amount of

time. Once you have cast the spell, do not discuss it with any one

until after it has worked. Most spells peter out because the person

who cast it boasts about it to so many people, that the spell is

robbed of power before it has a chance to work. The ancient bond

placed on the magician was to dare, to know and to keep silent.

7. Above all, at all times, remember the Rede: “An ye harm none, do what

you will.” You do not know all the effects of your spell, therefore,

use magick sparingly, if at all.

    ~Magickal Graphics~