All four elements protection spell

The following ingredients are needed
1 blue candle
1 red candle
1 green candle
1 white or grey candle

to make the spell stronger.
dragons blood
or anyother protection herbs/stones

A powerful spell that invokes the elements to protect you from harm.It really works based on me,family & friends who used it

cast your circle in a quiet & peaceful place.put the candles inside the circle in the following order/direction,north=green candle,east=white/grey candle,west=blue candle,south=red candle.If you have…put any herbs/stones for protection in the middle of the circle.light the candles from north & clockwise,when lighting them say *i invoke the element of earth to the north* & so on.BTW green=earth,white/grey=air,blue=water,red=fire.

when all the candles are ready then you can stand or sit in the middle or outside of the circle.relax & say *i invoke all the four elements by my side all that wish me harm shall not pass,so mote it be!

start off with north & say *earth protect me from north & around,block & crush thee threat* *air protect me from the east & around,blow& send back all thee threat* *fire protect me from the south & around,burn & banish all thee threat* ^water protect me from the west & all around,wash away & cleanse all thee threat* thank the elements =)

blessed be,amaranth