Herb of the Day for October 11th – Dodder


Folk Names:  Beggarweed, Devil’s Guts, Fireweed, Hellweed, Lady’s Lace, Love Vine, Scaldweed, Strangletare, Witches’ Hair

Gender:  Feminine

Planet:  Saturn

Element:  Water

Powers:  Love Divination, Knot Magick

Magickal Uses:  Pluck the dodder throw it over the shoulder, back onto the host plant (dodder is a parasite), and then return to the plant the next day. If the dodder has attached itself to the plant again, the person in question loves you. If not, no.

Use the “laces”as cords for knot magick (don’t tie the knots too tightly).

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
Scott Cunningham