Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for Sept. 30 – Oct. 2

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

No Holding Back

September 30 – 2

Friday starts out with the Moon in steamy Scorpio, which is great for subtle seduction — indirectness and hints of interest can be especially enticing now. The evening ends with a lunar transit into high-spirited Sagittarius where there’s little room for secrets or subtlety. There’s no holding back in this enthusiastic sign, which is wonderful for being open and honest, but a tad insensitive in its delivery. Exuberant Sagittarius is restless and seeks new experiences, so exploring unfamiliar places, engaging in outdoor activities or examining intellectual pursuits is especially exciting. There’s little interest in sentiment as ruminating over the past can seem outdated and irrelevant.

Pushing the envelope by taking physical, mental and emotional risks is where the fun is this weekend. There’s a playful kind of competitiveness that’s not so much about beating the other person, but more about pushing both of you as far as you can go. Be careful with humor, though, because in the midst of hilarity it’s possible to say something that you might regret. The easygoing attitude of Sagittarius can give rise to careless remarks and reckless behavior. And the unbridled optimism of this sign may tempt you to make promises you won’t keep or raise your expectations too high. Joyfully enjoying the present moment without looking longingly backward or thinking too far ahead sounds just about right.


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