Your Daily Influences for 3/28

Your Daily Influences
March 28, 2011 

Tarot Influence

Rune Influence

Charm Influence
Ace of Wands Reversed
There may be false starts ahead. New ventures of all kinds may be postponed.
Ansuz reversed denotes failed communications and missed opportunities to become more in harmony with the universe. Your path may be unclear at this time. False advice and malicious rumors may be afoot.
The Utchat
You must take steps to make this aspect safe. There are issues you may not be aware of that may cause harm or injury.
Your Daily Influences represent events and challenges the current day will present for you. They may represent opportunities you should be ready to seize. Or they may forewarn you of problems you may be able to avoid or lessen. Generally it is best to use them as tips to help you manage your day and nothing more.