The Daily Motivator for 3/28 – Energy of your passion

Energy of your passion

If you don’t like the problems and shortcomings in your life and in your world, stop giving so much of your attention to them. Instead of being sick and tired and upset about the way things are, be positively passionate about the way you would like things to be.

You will naturally attract into your experience those things you focus on most passionately. The problem is, you move in the direction of what you passionately despise just as surely as you move toward what you passionately desire.

So make a conscious decision to let go of the focus on what you despise, and replace it with focus on what you truly desire. Get the power of your passion working full time in your favor.

Instead of obsessing about what’s wrong, challenge yourself to visualize in great detail about what would make it right. Then make use of all those details to put your vision into action.

It’s great to be passionate about something, because passion can bring an endless supply of energy to your life. And the power of your passion makes it important that you point it in a positive direction.

For every single thing that stirs up your passion, there is a positive way forward. Choose to find that way, to follow it, and to transform the energy of your passion into great and lasting value.

— Ralph Marston