Handy Dandy Spring Time Scarecrow for Your Garden

The scarecrow normally conjures up harvests, autumn skies and pumpkins plump for the carving, yet its empowerment and placement were always part of spring rites and an intricate piece of garden magick. Like many vehicles from the old country, these were specific rules on how to prepare and handle one’s garden guardian. A protective and good fortune device, the scarecrow didn’t secure just the garden, it protected the prosperity and welfare of the entire family. Here are the rules, if you would like to make your own scarecrow.

  1. When building your scarecrow, always use natural fibers and old clothes–never use clothes from an enemy to dress your scarecrow.

  2. Sew or stuff protective charms in the arms and sleeves of the device. From runic sigils to specially bless charms, trinkets, and dried herbs, each choice should be associated with your true desires.

  3. Like it or not, the energy of the scarecrow is often used to create protection through humor–think of it as the light of laughter.

  4. A healer’s scarecrow should contain both comfrey and horehound.

  5. It is bad luck to erect your scarecrow before Easter.

  6. It is bad luck to erect your scarecrow on May Day.

  7. Never, ever wear any items that has been worn by a scarecrow–this is thought to bring death to the household

  8. Your scarecrow must be given shade on the longest day of the year to ensure luck and prosperity.

  9. Finally, and most importantly, your scarecrow must be burned before November 1, preferably on Halloween Night of October 31. Easy single part of the scarecrow must be fired–the clothing, the charms, even the pole he rests on. If this is not done, bad luck will plague the entire family.