Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for 3/18 – 20

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

You Have to Keep the Peace

March 18 – 20

This is a strange weekend that is likely to be filled with surprises, even though the Moon is in meticulous and methodical Virgo. Making precise plans and sticking to them is generally expected in this orderly sign. However, Friday starts on a sobering note that can force a change of schedule or deflate a playful mood. If there are hard facts to face during the day, deal with them expediently so you can enjoy yourself in the evening.

The Moon’s opposition to assertive Mars could increase aggression or competitiveness if serious matters aren’t handled to everyone’s liking. Fortunately, Mars is also a planet of passion, offering us the chance to release the day’s pressures with intense play or erotic behavior instead of anger or frustration. If your partner, though, is reluctant to set caution aside, gentle persuasion is much more enticing than impatient pushiness.

Saturday begins with an analytical Virgo Full Moon, possibly bringing an emotional crisis to a head. Unconventional Uranus is a powerful part of this cosmic event and can suddenly turn things upside down. Surprising circumstances and unanticipated changes of mood undermine a sense of security. However, this revolutionary planet also has the power to reignite sparks of romance in a relationship that may have lost some of its excitement. Attractions to unusual people and experiences may be thrilling, but don’t necessarily lead to lasting alliances.

Sunday’s energy is equally volatile, requiring a high degree of cooperation to maintain peace and harmony.