The Goddess Companion

Hail, Ilithyia, guardian of the childbed
and of birthing mothers. Protect them,
goddess, as they labor. Lucina, we call you,
bright one, source of sight, for you are the one
who leads each birthing child into light.
And guide them, goddess, as they grow,
and bless our elders, that they may make laws
encouraging fair and happy children,
 so that in future there may be celebrations
and many nights of rejoicing in your name.
Spring is the season of birth. The pregnant earth brings forth new plants that cover the gray world of winter with pale green. Birds begin to hatch their young. Foals and calves frolic in the meadows near the mares and cows who gave birth to them.
Within us, too, something is being born. At any age, at any season, we give birth to new ideas, new thoughts, new opinions. The process of seeding, gestation, and birth is the same, whether for a pea or for a poem. What has been held in darkness, sometimes beyond consciousness, comes forth into the light, for which the birth goddess was called by the Romans Lucina, light-bearer. In the endless fruitfulness of life, let us respect what is still gestating and rejoice in whatever is newborn.


By Patricia Monaghan ~ From “The Goddess Companion” and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast