Spell Of The Day – Sanctity of Women Meditation

Spell Of The Day – Sanctity of Women Meditation
This is International Women’s Day, a holiday recognized by the United Nations. Think about the sanctity of women today, and about the importance of cooperation. As you go about your business today, try to match each woman you see with a goddess. The tall blonde at the bus stop? Freya. The large woman who grins as she hands you your tuna sand-wich at lunch? Yemaya. The coworker who always hits the mark? Artemis, of course. Don’t forget to look for the goddess in yourself, too. Sit in front of a mirror, light a white candle, and meditate for a while. Wait and see who shows up. And if you’re a guy, don’t think this spell is not for you too. Every human soul has both masculine and feminine aspects. The goddess lives in all of us. 
By: Elizabeth Barrette , Llewellyn and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast