Herb Magick

Herbal healing remedies are becoming increasingly popular in the modern world as it is discovered that some hold the key to curing modern ills; generally too they are gentler and less toxic than drugs created artificially. This knowledge has been around in some cases for hundreds or even thousands of years, but became disregarded or forgotten and is now being incorporated further into modern medicine.

Herb magick is an equally ancient tradition, one that does not need elaborate tools or complex rituals. However, there is a great overlap between herb healing and magick, for herb rituals too can trigger the body’s own self-healing system because of their abundant life force.

Though herb magick is simple, it is also very potent. As well as using spells, you can draw on their strengths in a number of ways in your daily life.

But it cannot be said enough, do not use herbal medicine in the place of actual doctor’s care. You might think you can diagnosis yourself but you can. In situation such as this seek medical attention. Never take a chance with your life.


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