Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Good morning wonderful people! I’m not fully awake yet. I could still be  sleep in a certain young pup hadn’t run in here and gave me kisses. Come to find out she was coming to tell me hubby was in the kitchen. They know he is not supposed to be in the kitchen. He was trying to make coffee, keyword “trying.”  His coffee looks like colored water. If I am going to drink coffee, I at least want some taste to it. He came in the bedroom and told me, that he was making coffee. My reply, “Oh, great I love fresh coffee waiting on me to get up.” I pulled the pillow back over my head and counted how many times he got up and went to get a refill. Finally four, yes, four, I could not make my move. I got up wandered to the kitchen and he told me, “there’s not much coffee left, you will probably have to make more.” Music to my ears!

Than after doing the rest of my menial chores around the house, I came in here and sit down. I started to think about the need to post something of my own. Then out of nowhere comes all these wild ideas. I could talk about me, nope boring. I could talk about all of my existing morning, nope boring. Then a commercial on TV caught my attention and that commercial decided what I wanted to talk briefly about.

Have you ever went out into the world and try to buy anything Pagan or Witchy? Seriously, stop and think about it. I think back on some of my experiences and at the time, they just galled me, now I can laugh at them. I remember going to Wally World one Yule looking for what else, Yule cards! I looked through their selections of cards and finally got tired of what I was seeing. I asked a clerk, if they had any Pagan cards. You know what her reply was? “Pagan, what’s that?” I told her that was perfectly fine, thanked her and left the store. Then the next incident happened while only my family knew what I was. They were having an Appreciation Breakfast for all the PTA officers at my children’s’ school. I had got a cup of coffee and was sitting on the couch with a friend. One of the mothers at the school claimed to be a psychic and she just happened to pop in. She went right straight to my friend, telling her what was coming in the future. Then everyone started hollering for her to do my future reading. She looked at me and screamed “EVIL!” I liked to have died. Evil there is not an Evil thing about me but lady if you don’t shut your mouth there might be.  She acted like she fell back into a trance and kept mumbling “Evil” till she was supposed to be totally out. Being the wonderful person I am, I went over to the donut table and got a smelly, chocolate donut. I took the donut and stuck it under her nose and guess what? It was a miracle, she was revived and to boot the evil one revived her. After she regained her senses (I use that word very loosely “senses”), I told her right in front of everyone, I didn’t know what she was talking about and besides I don’t believe in psychic (let me clarify before I have every psychic in the world mad at me, yes I do believe in psychics but this woman was no psychic, I could feel no energy at all coming from her). The facts were her and I had a run-end about the playground equipment, I pissed her off and she was going to get back at me. That example there sort of threw my whole point off, but I think I can make it fit into the end of this. My final example, have you ever tried to buy Pagan jewelry already made? I bought a few pieces from Wal-Mart because I thought they had got into the rhythm of the current flow, New Age. Well the last time I was in there, they were going back to regular jewelry. We have a Hobby store but it has nothing that I want. Do you have a New Age store in your area? Then consider yourself lucky. There is no store here. A place to buy herbs? We do have a farm store and the owner watched me one day picking out herbs. I had picked up some herbs that no one else touched. The owner came up and asked me what was I going to do with those herbs. I told him. We got into a discussion about not being able to find herbs anywhere. He asked me to make him a list of herbs that were hard to find and he would try to help me out. Sure enough he was true to his world and also one in a million!

OK, so where is she going with all of this? I was just wondering why there are not more Pagan stores out in the open in our communities. Do we still have what happened to our ancestors in the back of our heads? They sacrificed were we could have freedom and not hide in the shadows. Instead we could be open about our Religion and live like everyone else. I can understand some of it, for instance in the PTA story. I was mortified what if these people find out what I am. But I wasn’t scared for myself but I was scared for my children. What would they suffer because of what I was. So I can understand people being scared for their safety and their families? But my children are now grown. And if I ever get the money, I am going right down to the middle of this little country town and open a New Age store. They might throw rocks at the windows, even set the place on fire but it is just my husband and myself and they won’t deter me.  You know something funny, you might think you are the only Witch within a 100 miles radius. But I bet if you open up a store, you would see them come out of the woodwork. We were all taught to keep our Religion private and secret. Times have changed, it is no longer taboo to be a Witch or Pagan. There are more of us, than you might realize. We have needs out in our communities. Stores to buy herbs, incense, staffs, wands, anything we need. We just need strong Pagans to open these stores and put the word out that they are there. Or else we could do like the Amish do? Buy a couple of thousand areas and have nothing but Pagans living there. You know after taking a pause, this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. I was just trying to think where you could buy the land. But wouldn’t if be wonderful to walk out and get the daily paper and have your neighbor say to you,”Good morning dear sister, the Goddess’s Blessings to you today.” Ah, it doesn’t hurt to dream. Either way, it would be wonderful to not have to track down, hunt, dig and scrounge to find what we need. I hope I have given you something to think about today.

May the Goddess Bless You and Keep You,

Lady A


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