Fox Power Spell

Fox Power Spell
Incense of the day: Geranium
In February, the quiet darkness of a midwinter night can be shattered by the yelping of a fox searching for a mate. Foxes do not hibernate and this is their mating season. With grace and speed, foxes move through the shadows of the winter woodland. Their powers of cunning and agility have been invoked by shamans for centuries. To expand your powers of intelligence and energy, call upon Fox as a power animal. Since this is a Thursday before a Full Moon, it is
a favorable time to call upon Spirit Fox. To do so, place a photo or artwork depicting a fox on your altar. Scent the room with a woodsy fragrance such as pine. Hold the image of a fox in your mind and say: “Swift as wind, quiet as night, Spirit Fox help me with my urgent need.” Let the power of the Fox aid in bringing a swift solution to any problem.
By: James Kambos, Llewellyn and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast