Just My Personal Note for the Month (has there been one already?)

You know I consider you all, my brothers & sisters in the Craft and outside the Craft. I love each and everyone of you and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I think you know that by now too. When tragedies strike such as the shootings we have experienced recently. I come to the home page of the site and look there are at times up to 200 people or more on this site.

When I see that many people, you know it honestly scares me. Hey now, don’t get me wrong, don’t you go anywhere, lol! I am not afraid of people (you can surely tell that by now). But what scares me is, I think about the tragedy that has happened. Then there is a huge number of people on the site. I feel like you have come here for comfort and peace. You know you will always find peace here. For I will keep it peaceful and loving as long as I am here. But I am honestly afraid I won’t find the words to comfort you. Goddess, only knows I have shed many a tear at this computer. Writing consoling words, poems, prayers, whatever I think is needed to help you and yours. There are time I am dumb struck by what has happened, it blows my mind. Then I turn to the Goddess to give me the words that are needed. To let you know that you are never alone in any crisis. The Goddess is there for you and with all my heart, I try to convey Her message to you.

I want you to know that I do love you. When you are in pain, I am in pain. When you hurt, I hurt. I want to comfort you. And if I could I would love just to hold you tight and tell you everything is going to work out. But I can’t. All I have is a simple little website to convey my words on. Each time I sit down to write, I hope and pray to the Goddess that someone will find comfort in Her words and mine. I wish I could take away the pain but I can’t. But I can offer you sisterly love and caring. Because at times love and caring means more than any words that could ever be spoken.

I Love You,

May the Goddess Shine Her Love & Comfort Down Upon Us All,

Lady A

June 4 – Daily Feast

June 4 – Daily Feast

What is so strange about using our words to build? Doesn’t it make more sense to build something than to tear down? Who is closer to us than ourselves – other than Above-the-Sky, Galun-lati! We spend most of our time listening to our own words – words that go into our ears to build or tear us down. Sometimes they whisper in our silent talk, sometimes we say them and they affect us deep in our hearts. Confidence may come because of what someone else told us, but it is maintained by what we tell ourselves. We boot it every time we say we can do what we once thought impossible. We lose it by confirming what fear told us is true. Talking can change our circumstances when we change the words.

~ Tecumseh said to Big Warrior, “I will stamp my foot on the ground and shake down all your lodges.” (An earthquake struck and tumbled the village.) ~

‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Internalizing Natural Magick

Internalizing Natural Magick


In Natural Magick, you can borrow elemental qualities, taking into yourself spiritually the power of the elemental forces – for example, the power of the wind when you add the air element to the symbol in a spell.

For example, you might say the following as you add incense power to your symbol that represents the purpose of the spell.

I am that mighty wind that blows through time and take away inertia. And so I empower_________ and myself to bring change. 

You can use the crashing of the sea, the wind in the trees or the falling rain on your tent to amplify and give your words rhythm. You may find it helpful to hold a symbol as a focus while you speak.

It is quite possible to carry out a spell or indeed a ritual just by using words. Taking it one stage further, the ritual or spell can be visualized, using both words and actions in your mind. In order to stimulate your psychic senses you may choose to carry out this visualized spell while sitting on the seashore or in a glade. Once you are experienced at visualization, you can bring that glade on to a crowded train or into an airless office as you weave your spell.

The beauty of inner spells and rituals is that there are no limits. Your air element really can be shooting stars, your water element a sparkling waterfall or tropical blue ocean. Then next time you carry out a spell externally you will still be able to feel and see those shooting stars or that sparkling water, and so you work is enriched and more powerful.

Even if you are quite experienced in magick these spoken or internalized spells are a very good way of aligning your mind with powerful external forces and thus bringing them together in your rites. They are also useful if you are in a special place but circumstances means that you are not able to start chanting or dancing. You may be in a sacred place or one of outstanding beauty, but accompanied by a tourist party or your in-laws.

By working on this astral or spiritual plane, as you speak the word in your mind you can carry the purpose of the spell though the barrier on to the earth plane of actuality.