The Fourth Rule of White Magick: Must be cosmic balance

The Fourth Rule of White Magick:
There must be cosmic balance

Though it is important, this rule is sometimes forgotten.
As mentioned earlier, even the fluttering of a butterfly wing affects the energies of the universe. So when you take from the cosmos at a time of need, you must redress the balance by a practical gift at another time when you are able to give. This need not be financial giving but should involve positive effort. There isn’t a time limit and if you are surviving on two hours’ sleep with a teething baby, the cosmos won’t charge interest on unpaid dues.
Sometimes you can pay back into the same area from which you took the energies. For example, if you used the power of the sea or a river in your spell to launch a venture, you could in the everyday world join a campaign for clean water in the Third World, help a harassed new mother with her washing and ironing or plan to feed the local ducks in winter when no one else bothers.
Occasionally perform an open-ended ritual to send out good vibes or healing to wherever it is most needed or to say thank you for your life, even if it is not perfect right now (it may suddenly and dramatically improve after the ritual).
Equally when you blow out your altar candles try to send the light to people who are being cantankerous or spiteful in the hope that it will brighten their aura. It may take a whole lot of butterflies to shift negativity but it is possible (and then you have some credit in the cosmic pot).