God and Goddess, Quiet My Mind


God and Goddess
Help me to quiet my mind
And calm my Spirit
Let me seek my calm
And grounded center
And connect with the Earth
Let me be as one with the Elements
In their calmest forms—
The still pool
The soothing wind in the leaves
The crackle of the home fire burning
And let me be at peace
Quiet the voices that haunt me
And cease my circular thoughts
So I might think, and rest, and be
God and Goddess
Help me to quiet my mind
And calm my Spirit.

So Mote It Be


The Witches Spell for May 10th – WICCAN RITE OF TEA


Purpose:    The purpose of this ritual, is to thank the gods for Their blessing throughout the ending day and to ask them to be with you throughout the coming day.  To meditate upon the day’s activities and to prepare yourself for the coming day


Red Candle (anointed)

Herb(s) for tea

Teapot (consecrated for this purpose only)

Cup(s) (consecrated)

Spouted Water Cup (consecrated)

Container for herb(s) (consecrated)

Pure Spring Water

Prepare by cleansing the teapot, water cup and drinking cup(s), blending your herbs, (if necessary,) setting up a quiet, private place where you won’t be disturbed, and boiling the spring water.  Place the candle, herb container (with prepared herb(s) inside), Teapot and cup(s) in place in your ritual space.  Bring the water to the ritual space in the spouted water cup, and begin:

Light the candle and, to the Goddess say:

Gracious Goddess, You who are the Queen of the Gods,

The Lamp of Night, The Creator of all that is wild and free;

Mother of woman and man; Lover of the Horned God, and Protectress of all the Craft;

Descend, I Pray, With Your lunar ray of power, Upon my rite here!

And to the God say:

Blazing God, You who are the King of the Gods,

Lord of the Sun, Master of all that is wild and free,

Father of woman and man; Lover of the Crescent Goddess, and protector of all the Craft;

Descend, I pray, With Your solar ray of power, Upon my rite here!

Then, with the tip of your Athame inserted into the cup of water, intone this blessing:

O Lady of the Mountain Streams, O Lord of The Green Glade Creek,

I call on you to bless and purify this water With Solar rays and Lunar beams.

So mote it be!

With the tip of your Athame touching the Herbs, intone this blessing:

Thou has grown by favor of the Sun, the Moon, and of the dew. I make this intercession, ye herb:

I beseech thee to be of benefit to me and my rite, For thy virtues are unfailing.

Thou art the Dew of all the Gods, The Eye of the Sun,

The Light of the Moon, The Beauty and Glory of the Sky,

The Mystery of Terra, I purify thee so that whatever is wrought by me with thee may,

In all its powers, have a good and speedy effect with good success.

Be purified by my prayer and be powerful! So mote it be!

Place herbs in teapot and add water. While the tea is steeping, say a prayer to the gods, thanking them for the ending day’s blessings, and asking them to bless you throughout the coming day.

Pour and drink the tea.  While doing this, meditate on the day’s activities and how they reflect on your life and on your plans for the coming day.  When finished, thank the Goddess and God for Their presence during this rite by saying:

O Mistress of the Holy Moon, O Master of the Sacred Sun,

I give thy thanks for your presence here, And blessings given.

I now bid thee farewell. Blessed Be!

Hail fair Moon, Ruler of the Night;

Guard me and mine Until the Light.

Hail fair Sun, Ruler of the Day;

Rise on the morn to light my Way!

So mote it be!



By Lady Wystira
Another word for infusion is tea. Infusions are used for drinking herbs as medicine, not as a thirst-quencher. To make an infusion, use the softer parts of the herb that grows above the ground (stems, leaves, flowers) that have been properly dried.
Usually one would use 1 to 3 teaspoons of the herb to 1 cup of water. You can’t store infusions for very long, so it’s best to use it right away. At the most, I’d recommend making only about 3 cups and use the day it’s made. For most infusions you can drink up to 3 cups per day. You can store an infusion for up to 2 days in the refrigerator.
The following is a very basic recipe to make an infusion:
(I like this method because it’s so easy)
1. Place the herbs in a teapot
2. In a saucepan, bring the water to boiling, turn off the heat, and pour the boiling water over the herbs in the teapot.
3. Cover the teapot, and let the herbs steep for at least 10 minutes (and up to 20 minutes).
4. Strain the liquid into a cup for immediate use, or into a storage container for storage in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.
5. After it’s been stored, you should heat up the infusion in the microwave.