Calendar of the Sun for October 7th

Calendar of the Sun

7 Winterfyllith

Njord’s Blot

Color: Sea-blue
Element: Water
Altar: Upon cloth of sea-blue set a Scandinavian ship, a net, a basket of fish-shaped cakes, and a metal tankard of mead.
Offerings: Give aid to a sailor. The House should, together, send a package to one who sails the seas and has need of succor.
Daily Meal: Fish.

Invocation to Njord

Hail, Njord, Lord of the Surface of the Sea!
Hail, Sailor’s Watcher,
Lord of Ships upon the waters.
Blessed you are in the prow,
Where you lead us forward to our goals.
Blessed you are in the stern,
Where you guard our wake
From the monsters of the Deep.
Blessed you are on the port,
Where your keen eyes search the horizon.
Blessed you are on the starboard,
Where you guide us by the stars.
Blessed you are on the high mast,
Where you stand tall with far vision.
Blessed you are in the sails,
Which you fill with billowing winds.
Blessed you are at the rudder,
Where you skillfully outrun all storms.
Blessed you are at the nets,
Where the fish come by the thousands into our hands.
Blessed you are belowdecks,
Where you rock us gently to sleep
On the waves of certainty,
Knowing that the farthest shore
Will soon be under our feet.
Hail Njord, Lord of Ships,
Guide our souls safely across the waters.

(All pass and bless the package, and see it safely gone. The mead is poured out as libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for June 3rd

3 Lithemonath

Bellona’s Day

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth set a single red candle, a sword, a spear, a bottle of Italian wine, and a brass trumpet. At the beginning of the ritual, a blast is blown on the horn.
Offerings: Defend what you value.
Daily Meal: Beef.

Invocation to Bellona

Hail Bellona, Lady of War!
Hail, Virgin of the bright trumpets!
Hail, Virgin of the brass mouth of battle!
Hail, sword-wielder and shield-maiden!
Hail, defender of open gates!
Hail, protector of the weak!
Hail, lady of battle-rage
Whose strength is unbending!
We honor you today, Lady Bellona,
In the hopes that we shall never need your services,
And yet we honor your value
When all hope of peace is lost
And we must fight for what we hold.
We who follow the path of peace
Must honor the honorable warrior,
For there are many kinds of battles,
And many kinds of warriors,
But courage and honor are base truths
Which are never valueless.
And so it is that we hail you, Bellona,
Dame of trumpets and drums,
Whose music is the cries of the fallen
And the shouts of the victorious.
Defend our gates from harm,
Lady in shining armor,
And may we always be worthy of your aid.

(A blast is blown again on the trumpet. Each steps forward and salutes the altar to the beat of a long slow drum.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for May 3

Calendar of the Sun
3 Thrimilchimonath

Day of Bona Dea

Color: Green
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a green cloth set five candles in different colors, a chalice of milk mixed with honey, incense of sandalwood and myrrh, the figure of a snake, a plate of cookies shaped like pigs, a pot of medicinal herbal tea, cups, and pots of dried herbs gathered throughout the year.
Offerings: Leave a pig-shaped cookie out for the wild things.
Daily Meal: Soups or stews, preferably with herbs. Herbal tea.

Invocation to Bona Dea

O Bona Dea,
Good Goddess of the Earth
Whose name is mystery,
Whose name is a hundred names,
Whose spirit lives in us all
And in every goddess who touches the soil,
And in every mortal who sprang from the clay,
Be with us on this day!
You have made the Earth spring forth
With many green goods for us,
Not merely those with which me feed our bellies,
But also those which heal our bodies.
Lady who heals us, godmother of Hygeia,
Daughter of Faunus who tracks in the wild,
We find your gifts both in our gardens
And on the wild paths where you have trodden.
We see the healing herbs springing up
In each of your passing footprints,
And we are grateful for our lives.
O Bona Dea,
Good Goddess of the Earth
Whose name is mystery
But whose gifts are so concrete,
We revere you and ask that you bless this day
Your plants which you have so generously given us,
That we may always be healed
And always help to heal others.

(The names of the herbs are called out one by one, in this manner: “For the power of Rosemary, we are grateful!” All reply in turn, “We are grateful!” Pass the tea and cookies and eat them.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]