A Bright, Bright Sun Shiny Sunday To Everyone!

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I hope everyone is have a super duper day! I think most of you have figured out by now, we take the weekends off sometimes. I think it really figures on what mood we are in, whether we want to work or not, lol!

If you haven’t noticed the graphic has changed and so has the front page. Also I am getting ready to dump a whole lot of information over here from our old Yuku group. I noticed the other day when I was over there our boards are starting to disappear. In other words, Yuku is tired of us using them as a storage unit. Well I can’t really blame them but then again I can, it’s our info. But we have lots of great herbal info that I don’t want to lose. I don’t know where it came from and I have never seen anything else like it on the net. So it is a must that it get moves. I figured today would be a perfect day. No daily posts that ya’ll are trying to read. Ya’ll are just browsing around and hopefully I won’t interfere with you too much. If I do I apologize now. It just took us forever to acquire the info that we have and I am not fixing to lose it.

So have a little patience, I am going to try to move this as fast as possible. I hope you have a super fantastic Sunday. Rest, relax and well, don’t think about tomorrow being Monday. Hmm, tomorrow’s Presidents’ Day I hope you have the day off and extra long vacation, all right!

Anyway, off to work I go, see you tomorrow.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Let’s Talk Witch – Invocation, the Who, What, When and How?

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 Let’s Talk Witch – Invocation, the Who, What, When and How?


Invocation is not so hard. You don’t need to be a rocket scientists for that, You need just a sparkle of imagination and most of all, You need to relax, to feel Your internal peace and power. This is usually made with meditation or some other relaxation method. I made a unique way to get this peace. Make some sort of copy of Your happy emotions (love, peace, happiness, wisdom,…). Than use this like some sort of defense shield. Whenever You feel angry, just think of something or someone You loved with all Your heart and just let Yourself, that the love flood every piece of Your body and mind. With peace You can invoke the Goddess of Light.


Waxing moon for spells of invitation or increase

-Examples: spells to find love or get a job

Waning moon for spells of banishing or decrease

-Examples: spells to end loneliness or financial problems

Full moon for:

-maximum power

-coven work

What for?

The spells are often made according to zodiac circle. Every sign has its traditional needs, like:


battle, beginnings


money spells, sex magic




psychic work, lunar magic


leadership, solar power




balance, work in law or for justice




honesty, expansion


overcoming obstacles




psychic work, endings

But, often spells are not made for traditional purposes, but for custom.


This is very large question. It depends of what You believe in (I believe in Goddess, but for spells I use gods also). You can use Gods, Goddess, spirits, heroes, etc.


Isis: Protection, magic

Thoth: Reincarnation and magic

Aphrodite: Love and passion


Invocation can be as simple as they can get, like this:


O, Isis

Just a little more complex:

Mighty ________, invoked by me

Mighty Thoth, invoked by Me

or very complex:

Seven stars of brightest skies invoke You, _______ to seek and find to love

in might, to give, to take and nothing to break.

Seven stars of brightest skies invoke You, Ra to seek and find to love in

might, to give, to take and nothing to break.

Make Your own and make it right, with the power of the Light. Find the way to Goddess word, as You can listen and You can heard.

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