The Daily Motivator for February 27th – Moving forward

Moving forward

Live this day based on the way you can be, not on the way you have been. Live  this day focused on your best possibilities, not on your worst fears.

One big thing that makes life so amazing is the constant opportunity to move  forward. As you live this day, choose to make the most of that opportunity.

Whatever the situation may be, whoever may be to blame, your best option is  to move forward. No matter how the past has been, or what you have or do not  have, your best choice is to move forward.

There is something you can do right now that will make a positive difference  and move things forward. Find it and do it.

If you’re dismayed and don’t really feel like doing anything, what will  quickly help you feel much better is doing something to move forward. If you’re  not sure what to do, move forward just a little and you’ll soon see ways to move  forward even more powerfully.

There may be plenty of good reasons to give up, and yet there’s one even  better reason to keep moving forward. It will inject new substance and energy  into your life, and with that, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

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A Bright, Bright Sun Shiny Sunday To Everyone!

Have a Great Day Images
I hope everyone is have a super duper day! I think most of you have figured out by now, we take the weekends off sometimes. I think it really figures on what mood we are in, whether we want to work or not, lol!

If you haven’t noticed the graphic has changed and so has the front page. Also I am getting ready to dump a whole lot of information over here from our old Yuku group. I noticed the other day when I was over there our boards are starting to disappear. In other words, Yuku is tired of us using them as a storage unit. Well I can’t really blame them but then again I can, it’s our info. But we have lots of great herbal info that I don’t want to lose. I don’t know where it came from and I have never seen anything else like it on the net. So it is a must that it get moves. I figured today would be a perfect day. No daily posts that ya’ll are trying to read. Ya’ll are just browsing around and hopefully I won’t interfere with you too much. If I do I apologize now. It just took us forever to acquire the info that we have and I am not fixing to lose it.

So have a little patience, I am going to try to move this as fast as possible. I hope you have a super fantastic Sunday. Rest, relax and well, don’t think about tomorrow being Monday. Hmm, tomorrow’s Presidents’ Day I hope you have the day off and extra long vacation, all right!

Anyway, off to work I go, see you tomorrow.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Daily OM for January 21 – Finding Freedom in No

Finding Freedom in No
Yes People

by Madisyn Taylor

Saying No to somebody when we are used to saying Yes can be challenging as we fear we will be rejected.

Many of us, from childhood on, are taught that saying yes is right and saying no is wrong. We learn that acceding to demands allows us to avoid conflict and criticism, please people, earn praise, and prove that we care for the important people in our lives. Yet the right to say no is indelibly intertwined with the ability to make choices. When we sense we are limited in our options, compelled to say yes even when doing so is not in our interests, we are effectively robbed of our ability to choose. Growing out of this tendency to say yes even when we desperately want to say no can be challenging because we suspect that others will reject us for our assertiveness. But the reward we receive upon facing this challenge is true freedom of choice.

When others ask you to take on work or do favors, consider their requests carefully. If you feel pressed to say yes, consider whether you are acquiescing out of a desire for approval or to stave off disapproval. Remind yourself often that the ability to say no is an important aspect of well-being, as it is an indication that you understand the true value of your energy, talents, and time. As you learn to articulate your personal power by saying no, you may feel compelled to explore the myriad consequences of the word by responding negatively to many or most of the requests put to you. The word “no may even become your default response for some time. When you see that life moves forward without interruption, however, you will grow more comfortable saying no and will resume making decisions from a point of balance.

There is nothing inherently wrong with acceding to the requests others make of you, provided these requests do not infringe upon your health or your happiness. Keep in mind that it is only when you feel you have the legitimate right to say no that you can say yes with utmost certainty, sincerity, and enthusiasm. While saying yes almost always has a cost, you can feel good about offering your agreement when your reasons for doing so are rooted in your individual values and your appreciation for the appeal before you.

The Daily OM

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Your Animal Spirit for Wednesday, August 21 is the Magpie

Your Animal Spirit for Today
    August 21, 2013 


Ancient culture associate Magpies with excellent fortune—so it looks like you’ve got something really terrific coming into your life today. However, you may need to search a little to understand the true gift that’s being presented. Pay attention to omens, messages, the clouds, feathers, bird song—your fortune is hidden in those subtle messages. Opportunity is knocking at your door—will you answer?