Halloween Charm Bag For Drawing Money

Halloween Charm Bag For Drawing Money

from “HALLOWEEN, spells, customs and recipes”
by Silver Ravenwolf

You could make a bunch of these to use as Witchy Party favors at your Samhain party…. Write the instructions and ingredients to the charm but provide each guest with the orange bag. Okay here we go….. you will need (per charm):

7 pumpkin seeds 1/4 teaspoon dried, ground pumpkin rind 1/4 teaspoon dried mint 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon 1 silver coin 1 small orange flannel bag with 17 in. red ribbon black felt pen

On a new moon before Halloween, mix the herbal ingredients together Hum:

“East and west, and south and north Prosperity, I bring thee forth.”

Draw a dollar sign on each side of the pumpkin seeds.. Add the pumpkin seeds to the mixture. Pour into the orange bag. Hold the coin in your hands until it gets warm. Humming the same chant all through this. On the following Thursday, hold the bag in your hands and repeat the chant until the bag becomes warm. Add 7 knots to the ribbon around the bag – two are for money, three for abundance, four for stability, five for protection, six for luck, and the seventh know to seal the spell. Put away until Samhain.

On Samhain, hold the bag in your hands over the need fire until the bag warms in your hands. Repeat the chant as you do this. Keep on your person or in your purse etc. Good for one full year. You can rework the spell on a new moon to keep the bag at its peak This makes a very nice gift for the certain someone.


Protective Charm Bag

Protective Charm Bag 


Garlic is a great protective herb. Besides its supposed properties of keeping away vampires and the roaming undead, a clove of garlic comes in handy for kitchen magick. For this kitchen charm, use a four-inch squre of black fabric and about six to eight inches of black ribbon. Place the clove of garlic for protection and purification in the center of the fabric. Add a pinch of salt to break up any negativity you feel may be surrounding you or the situation.


Gather up each edge of the square, name them for each of the four Elements. After you gather the corners together, tie the bag closed with the ribbbon. Take a careful look at this kitchen charm, the directions are all laid out for you.


By the powers of earth (pick up one corner)


And air (gather the second quarter)


And fire (pick up the third)


And water (and the last corner)


I create this Witch’s protective charm.
(tie the fabric closed with the ribbon)


Grant me safety and shield me from all harm. 


Remember to seal this charm with the closing line.


By all the powers of three times three,


As I will it, then so shall it be.


You may keep the charm bag on your person or tucked away in the most-used room of your home to boost your magickal household protections.