New pig flu strain can spread at state fairs, CDC warns

New pig flu strain can spread at state fairs, CDC warns


ATLANTA — It’s the season for state and county fairs, and health officials are reminding fairgoers to be careful around pigs because of a new flu spreading   from the animals to people.

Officials say 29 human cases of the new strain of swine flu have been confirmed in the last year, including 12 this week. Ten were linked to the Butler County Fair in southwest Ohio, which ended last weekend.

The new flu has a gene from the 2009 pandemic strain that might make it more contagious. But so far, the strain hasn’t spread easily among people, and recent cases have been mild.

Fairgoers should wash their hands and avoid taking food and drinks into barns. Pregnant women, young children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems should be extra careful.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for July 17 – ‘Yellow Pig Day’

On ‘Yellow Pig Day’ I’d like to explore what Feng Shui says about bringing a pig symbol into your living space. According to this philosophy, the pig symbolizes having sufficient food and abundance, as well as material joy, prosperity, fertility and success in all of your affairs! In many other cultures the pig is considered a lovely and loving animal — especially for those who live in the country. Some even believe the pig to be man’s true best friend! Contrary to public perception the pig is an intelligent animal who can also be cute and cuddly. Asian cultures maintain that having a symbol of a mother pig in your home can represent fertility and a consistent source of income that provides prosperity for the whole family. Position a pig in the Career or Fame areas to see exponential growth in your professional endeavors and success for your hopes, wishes and dreams.

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