Your Weekend Love Horoscope for Feb. 21 – 23

Weekend Love Horoscope

February 21-23: Love Inspires

Maria DeSimone   Maria DeSimone on the topics of love, horoscopes, astrology

On Friday the Moon will be in sultry Scorpio, allowing your mysterious side to express itself beautifully to your mate — or to your first date! The Moon will be at a perfect angle to love planet Venus which will only support a delicious sex appeal factor. On Saturday however, the Moon makes her way into bouncy Sagittarius and your emotions will be fueled by faith more than mystique. You might crave an exotic experience on Saturday or Sunday, and it’ll be a great weekend to try out that restaurant with your mate that offers unusual cuisine from another culture. You might also think about what next adventure you can take together but don’t book any travel plans just yet — remember that Mercury is retrograde until February 28.

Still, on Sunday it’ll be clear that you’re romantically inspired thanks to the combination of a Sagittarius Moon and the Sun embracing Neptune in Pisces. Spend the day with your lover under the covers sleeping late, indulging in breakfast in bed or your other favorite between the sheets activity! Fantasy rules the day so be sure to share your greatest ones with your sweetheart.

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