Fairy Brew

Fairy Brew

-Recipe from:

“The complete book of incense, Oils, and Brews.”

by: Scott Cunningham


3 parts rose petals

2 parts yarrow

1 part cinnomom

3 parts rose petals

1 part cinnamon

1 part nutmeg

1 part bay

1 part mugwort

Assemble your herbs, grind them manually, and put about a handful into a pot; Strain. Drink a cup before seeking your encounter and return what you do not use to the Earth




This spell is to cause you to dream of the face of the man (or woman) you will spend your life with.
You may or may not know this person currently.
Do not be surprised if it is not the person you expected.
If your romantic notions happen to blossom in midsummer, you might consider the following:
On July 22, St. Magdalene’s Eve, prepare a bath.
In the water sprinkle lavender and rose petals and as in the Self-Blessing, you must envision
yourself cleansing not only your body, but also your spirit.
After you bathe, prepare for bed and say these words:
Mother of All, Habondia, look favorably upon my quest,
Bring to me a vision true, my lover’s face at your behest.
After you have said the incantation, place a sachet under your pillow with lavender and
hypericum (St. John’s Wort). Before you go to sleep pour a small glass of wine and just as
you do in the full moon rite, say these words:
To You Mother, I pour this libation (pour a few drops on the floor), and drink this toast.
Drink the rest of the wine.
Use your consecrated chalice or consecrate a new cup just for this purpose.
Lay your head down and dream of your true love–it may not be who you thought!

Love Attraction Infusion

Love Attraction Infusion

This infusion is designed to help you find your true love. While using this infusion, meditate on the qualities you want your true love to have. Do not visualize a specific person, as this interferes with his or her free will.

½ cup chamomile flowers

½ cup clover flowers

½ cup lavender flowers

½ cup jasmine flowers

½ cup primrose flowers

½ cup red rose petals

½ cup violet flowers

3 fresh basil leaves

1 TB. mint leaves

1 TB. raspberry leaves

1 inch peeled ginger root

1 small apple, peeled, cored, and sliced.