Daily Motivator for October 17th – Make it great

Make it great

It is nearly impossible for one person to quickly achieve great things. Yet  it is within any person’s reach to do small things, again and again, until they  add up to great results.

If you attempt to jump across a wide chasm in a single bound, you’ll fall  helplessly to the bottom. However, when you walk carefully down one side, then  across the floor and back up again, you’ll make it successfully to the other  side.

What is it you seek to do, or have, or become, or experience? Work on it  steadily, in challenging yet achievable steps, beginning right now.

Those who greedily want it all immediately end up with nothing but  frustration. Those who persist, and then persist some more with one step after  another, can reach whatever level they choose to reach.

The only way to truly enjoy the reward is to also enjoy the journey that  brings you to it. Every moment, every obstacle, every advance and setback, every  twist and turn is part of that journey.

Have faith, patience, purpose and unstoppable persistence. You’ll get there,  and will indeed make it great.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Daily Motivator for August 1 – True success is being you

True success is being you

There is great value in who you are. Let it flow into all you do.

Success is not really a matter of getting this thing or having that  experience. True success is being able to live each day as the beautiful,  authentic person you are.

True success is being you. True fulfillment is a life spent doing what you  know is important and meaningful.

When you compromise your integrity, you lose. When you speak and act and give  and live from your heart, you win.

Instead of striving to impress others, do those things that will genuinely  impress you. Live true to your own highest standards, for they are the ones that  really mean something to you.

The treasure that is your life is unique in all the universe. Fully live,  enjoy and fulfill the richness that comes from the honest, beautiful reality of  who you are.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Daily Motivator for July 21 – Choose to actively live

Choose to actively live

Don’t find an excuse. Find a way.

Don’t figure out how to put it off until later. Use your energy and  intelligence and time to get it done now.

Let go of the urge to complain about how things are. Remind yourself that you  can make things better, and challenge yourself in each moment to do just that.

There’s no need to be dismayed at how hard it will be. Choose instead to be  enthusiastic about how much of a real difference you can make.

What really matters is not what’s pushing against you. What matters is how  authentically committed you are to moving forward.

Connect with that commitment, connect with your positive passion, and choose to actively live life for all it’s worth. You absolutely can if you will, so do.

— Ralph Marston