Monday Blessings To All My Dear Family & Friends!

Shout buzzah and merry meet
As each new day I gladly greet
Clap my hands and move my feet
Enjoy the dance of life!
Revel in the rising sun
Love my darlings, every one
Rejoice at each new battle won.
Enjoy the dance of life!
Eschew the shadows of the light
Laugh in childish delight
Eat with pleasure every bite
Enjoy the dance of life!
Strive each day to be your best
See the humor in each jest
Embrace the joy and screw the rest
Enjoy the dance of life!

A positive reality

A positive reality

If you choose to cause harm, then you will be harmed by it as well. If you choose to create value, then you will benefit from that value.

If you direct your efforts against the interests of others, those efforts will also work to oppose your own true interests. When you work to support others, you also end up supporting and advancing your own life.

Negativity is universally destructive, regardless of the direction in which it is focused. Genuine love is universally creative and beneficial, and goes far beyond its intended object.

Don’t bring your whole world down by obsessing over who or what you are against. Lift your world higher by supporting and advancing the values and visions you are for.

Let go of the fears that hold you back. Grab hold of your most treasured dreams, for they will bring out your highest levels of effectiveness and creativity.

Put your energy and efforts into what you favor. The way to experience a positive reality is to constantly keep your focus on a positive vision.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator



Cut an apple in half and carve your initials on the inside of one half, and theirs on the inside of the other.
Close them back together with a sewing needle in each, loosely threaded together by red thread.
Hang this from the tree it came from with a pink ribbon, and
chant: Apple of love, leaf of tree, find him, bind him, now to me.”