Calendar of the Sun for January 22nd

Calendar of the Sun

22 Wolfmonath

Day of the Water Bearer – Beginning of Aquarius

Colors: Purple and electric blue
Element: Air
Altar: Set with cloth of purple and electric blue, with a tall glass vase holding carbonated water, or plain water with dry ice in it, a feather from a large bird, incense, and a Uranus symbol.
Offerings: A joke that no one has heard yet. Do something differently, or in a new way.
Daily Meal: Waterfowl such as duck or goose. Or try an entirely new and preferably foreign sort of cooking or diet for the day.

Invocation to Aquarius

Bearer of the heavenly waters
Of knowledge and inspiration,
The ebb and flow of the Apsu,
Dipped from the Milky Way,
Neither man nor woman,
Looking ahead in time,
Whose gift is Newness,
Bless us with the ability
To be ready for the future
And all it may bring,
And welcome rather than fear changes.
By the power of all inspiration,
You challenge us
To be open to new things,
And never to give in to stagnation.
May we all go forth in wonder.

Wearing my long wing feathers as I fly
Wearing my long wing feathers as I fly
I circle around
I circle around
The boundaries of the Earth.

(Let all present hold hands and dance a simple circle dance while chanting, hands raised high between them. One who is chosen to do the work of the ritual should stand with a great fan, and fan air at the dancers as they pass, like a great wind.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

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Calendar of the Moon for July 21

Calendar of the Moon

21 Tinne/Hekatombaion

Gwydion’s Day

Color: Blue
Elements: Air and Water
Altar: Upon a blue cloth place musical instruments, a bowl of salt water, a chalice of sparkling water, incense of mugwort, and a bundle of twigs.
Offering: Any form of music or poetry.
Daily Meal: Light, cold food, including meat salads.

Invocation to Gwydion

Hail, Lord of the Quick Tongue!
Hail, Lord of the Clever Mind!
Hail, Lord of the Dancing Fingers!
Hail, Lord of Eloquence!
You are the cry of the gull
And the song of the sea,
The wandering mind
And the eternally seeking soul.
Arrogant one who bore the stag’s horns,
Repentant one who bore the boar’s tusk,
Wiser one who bore the wolf’s hame,
Help us to learn from our selfishness
The implacable dance of consequences.
Foster-father of Llew Llaw Gyffes,
Teach us that it is never too late
To learn how to love another unselfishly.
King of Cups, Lord of Wind and Water,
Warrior of harp and sword and wand,
Gift us with eloquence of the tongue,
That we may speak words of power to each other.
Gift us with eloquence of the soul,
That hard-won blessing
You suffered so much to achieve.

(The chalice of sparkling water should be passed around one to the next, with a blessing of “May your words be blessed with grace.” Then the musical instruments should be blessed in Gwydion’s name, and any songs can be sung for the next hour. Poetry can also be read, as an offering.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]