The Witches Magick for October 25th – Kiss It Goodbye Spell


Kiss It Goodbye Spell

To let go of baggage.

Items You Will Need:

Black candle
Empty paper bag

Write down your baggage on a piece of paper, and put it in the bag/envelope. After you say the spell, bury the bag or burn it in a bonfire or fireplace. As you write the words and say the spell, concentrate on your willingness to let go. You can even visualize a little creature packing bags and walking out the door and down the road.

Baggage can be anything that is weighing down your life: old memories, bad habits, etc. But keep in mind that if you are doing this spell to get rid of a person, they will probably get gone and stay gone. Be absolutely sure that this is what you want before casting.

Best to do this spell on the New Moon.

“Pack your bags and get you gone
Your time with me is finished now
Once you worked but now you’re wrong
And you can’t stay–no way, no how.”
“Without your baggage I’ll move on
I’ll get myself out of this rut
So pack your bags and get you gone
Don’t let the door hit ya in the butt.”
So Mote It Be!


Feng Shui Tip for December 10th – ‘Holiday Travel’

The holidays are often a time for travel, and while the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, December has it share of doozies. Certain sacred traditions say that if you carry a small packet of black cumin seeds (sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon for courage and strength) while you’re traveling, then you’ll be promised cosmic protection of a truly powerful sort. Be sure to keep that packet on your person so you can be sure of getting to your destination with ease and grace. While you’re at it, wrap either nine or 18 inches of red ribbon, thread or string around the handle of your suitcase to guarantee that your luggage arrives at the same place and time that you do!

By Ellen Whitehurst for