We Are Currently Accepting Donations For Our Animals……


You know what we hear every time we get around this bunch of little piglets…..

Feed me! Feed me! *snort**snort*

We are still accepting donations for helping assist with all the new baby animals we took in over the weekend. As you saw yesterday, these little cuties are just the tip of the iceberg. We still have other babies to care for. Your donation, no matter the amount, will help so much. We are over ran with adult animals that can’t be returned to the wild just yet and babies that would not stand a chance without us. We need baby bottles, formula, feed, straw, cat food and much more.

Please take a moment today and make a donation. You don’t know how deeply it will be appreciated and how far it will go in helping these critters.

Thank you so much!

Lady A

Good Thursday Morning, all my lovely friends! Take A Look, We Need Your Help!

No fancy graphics, no humorous sayings! I am very serious today. We need your help! Desperately. My true love, the animal refuge, is going to need some funding. Right now, I have enough supplies to make it for a few more days. But I have received an influx of animals from the local vets. It is normal for this time of year. The nights are cooler, the animals roam, they get hit by cars, some injured, others leaving behind babies. You understand what I mean. But right now, I am using a larger than usual amount of hay. Hay isn’t cheap this year. I am also using baby formula and purchasing (at a huge discount) baby mice. You will see why in just a minute. I have took as many pictures as possible of the new critters that have arrived. I wanted you to see their cute little faces that way you will know what you are helping. So let me show you some of these little darlings.

 There are four of these little cuties. They were found not to far from a local pond in the game reserve. They were all cuddled up around their dead mother. She apparently died trying to defend them.  But all of them require a bottle to be fed and they are getting fat as little pigs. Oh, I don’t know if some of you have heard or not baby skunks don’t spray. HA! In a few weeks, this little guy will be able to spray if he feels threatened. But they are absolutely adorable.

This guy is a very unusual critter to end up in our refuge. We might get one or two a year. So they are very rare for us. But isn’t he beautiful. He is the reason, I am purchasing mice. I ought to have took a picture of him eating. It is cool to watch him eat. I just love him. He has a broken wing. He will probably be here for at least two or three weeks. He likes to stay perched up high. One of us has to pick him up and put him up on a board. Then we have to stay outside in the barn to watch him. When he tries to get down, we run and get him and put him back on the ground. Sounds like a lot of work, but I love doing it.

This little guy came in by himself. He is a victim of a vicious hunter. A hunter who shot his mother and displayed her across the front of his jeep as he drove off. People like that make my butt work button holes. He is just two weeks old. He just recently opened his eyes before we got him. He doesn’t know how to eat on his own. So he is bottle fed too.

This is another bobcat kitten that is two months old. He came in because of the same reason. His mother was shot due to a uncaring hunter. The bastard also went so far as to shoot his brothers and sisters. I guess the noise scared this little gal so bad she ran for her life. Thankfully she ran toward safety and someone who would take her and get her to safety.  She is a sweetheart.

A beautiful deer fawn.  She is still wobbly on her legs.  We also offer her a bottle and she takes it. Her mother  was shot by a hunter, out of season.  She is so gentle and loving. It will be very hard to get her back out into the wild.

A beautiful gray fox. He had his paw caught in a trap and had practically chewed it off when he was found. He isn’t that friendly but he is learning, we don’t want to hurt him. We are trying to help him. In a few weeks, he will be able to return to the wild and hopefully no more traps.

Last but definitely not least, this is Razzy. I just had to show you how she had grown and how beautiful she is. She came to us in a set of three kittens. She was so affectionate and loving. We immediately bonded.  It just goes to show you, these poor animals that start out in life so badly can turn into the most beautiful animals on the planet. Razzy is gentle, loving, protective and thinks she is just a big housecat. She loves Kiki and my old tomcat to pieces. They all live together as brothers and sisters. She loves to jump on my back and also sit on my shoulders. The little heifer weighs about 35 lbs. Can you imagine that sitting on your shoulders?

But you see what your money goes to help. We currently need hay/straw, bottles, formula, bandages, antibiotic ointment and grain. Like I said earlier, we have enough supplies right now for the next few days. But we are going to run out and we need your help.

It doesn’t matter how much you can give, every dime counts. Heck $5.00 will buy a bale of hay, which will feed a deer for a few days. Or it will keep a fox warm for a couple of days. $10.00 will buy a case of formula for the baby skunks, bobcat, and fawn. See it doesn’t take much to assist this little critters. If you can spare it and you feel the need to help. Please take a moment to donate. We will appreciate anything you can give. More over, the animals will definitely appreciate your gift. Thank you!

FDA Bans BPA in Baby Bottles

FDA Bans BPA in Baby Bottles

by Becky Striepe

Yesterday was a huge win for  families who have been lobbying for years to get toxic BPA out of baby bottles  and sippy cups.

The FDA announced yesterday that it’s going to ban BPA in children’s drinking  cups or bottles. Surprisingly, the American Chemistry Council – an industry  advocacy group – asked for the FDA ban, because consumer confidence in plastic  children’s products was dropping. Most manufacturers of baby bottles and sippy  cups were phasing out BPA before the ban came down today.

BPA is an endocrine disruptor and possibly linked to a wide range of health concerns from intestinal  inflammation to breast cancer. What’s important to remember about the FDA ban is  that it only affects baby bottles and children’s sippy cups, and you can find  BPA in a wide range of other products like:

  • Some types of plastic food storage containers
  • Soda cans
  • Cans that hold food like beans and veggies
  • Receipts
  • Some canning jar lids

The FDA ban does not address any of the health issues associated with BPA.  Instead, the ruling states that it is banning BPA in sippy cups and  baby bottles “because these uses have been abandoned.”

While some are applauding the ban on BPA in baby bottles and children’s sippy  cups, many consumer advocacy groups are saying that this ban does not go far  enough. What do you think about the FDA ban on BPA?

Source: New York Times

To Cool a Victim Off

To Cool a Victim Off


  • (1) Small Glass Bottle
  • Piece of Paper, 1″ x 3″
  • Water


Write your victim’s name on the piece of paper. Put the paper in the bottle and fill with water. Place the bottle in your refrigerator. This will calm your victim down and cool any anger or passionate emotions. Leave the bottle in the refrigerator as long as you please.