Flower Meaning, Symbol and Spiritual Meaning – Daffodil

(Side Note from Lady Beltane: My dad would buy my mom a bouquet of Daffodil’s in various colors every year from a street vendor. After his crossing in 1970 I did the best, I could to carry on the tradition. In my childhood home the bouquet symbolized the start of Spring!)

Daffodil Flower Meanings & Symbolism + Mythology & Folklore from uniguide.com

Daffodil flower meanings and symbolism include revival, rebirth, hope, joy, resilience, good luck, prosperity, memories, and forgiveness. Is it possible to grow sunshine? Flower enthusiasts would insist that it is. With the exception of the sunflower, few other flowers radiate bright sunshine as the daffodil does, and not to mention, the welcoming of spring after a cold, dark winter.

But there’s more to daffodils than lovely cut flowers. In this post, you’ll learn about daffodil symbols and meanings, daffodil mythology and folklore, daffodil spiritual meanings, and more.