Religious Holidays August 2022

Monday Lammas Christian Holidays Aug 1, 2022 Yesterday
Tuesday Naga Panchami Hindu Holidays Aug 2, 2022 Today
Saturday Tisha B’Av Jewish Holidays Aug 6, 2022 in 4 days
Monday Ashura Muslim Holidays Aug 8, 2022 in 6 days
Monday Ashura Eve Muslim Holidays Aug 8, 2022 in 6 days
Thursday Raksha Bandhan Hindu Holidays Aug 11, 2022 in 9 days
Friday Varalakshmi Vrata Hindu Holidays Aug 12, 2022 in 10 days
Saturday Bon Festival Buddhist Holidays Aug 13, 2022 in 11 days
Monday The Assumption of Mary Christian Holidays Aug 15, 2022 in 13 days
Thursday Krishna Janmashtami Hindu Holidays Aug 18, 2022 in 16 days
Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi Hindu Holidays Aug 31, 2022 in 29 days

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