A Great Website for Irish Pagan Information

I have been following this website Irish Pagan School for about two years and have taken a couple of courses through them about Irish Celtic Paganism. The first course I took was on Ogham and even though I have been reading ogham Staves for years I learned somethings I was doing wrong that would affect a reading and some new ways to go about using the Ogham alphabet. Their courses are do not cost a lot for the information you can gain plus you can go back to the material time and time again.  You will get almost daily information usually in the form of a video through youtube.com. You can find the list of a variety of topics here by Irish Pagan School Videos I highly recommend watching a few if you are all interested in Celtic Paganism. Even with their Irish accent they are easy to understand.

Yesterday’s email announced a new way to gain information and I am really looking forward to listening to their podcasts. Here is the email I received including the link for the podcasts.