Tales from the Unwavering Witchlett – Part 1

This will be an on going series of a true life story being written a novice in Witches of The Craft School of Witchcraft. Despite her Multiple Sclerosis getting very bad at times she has persevered not only in her studies but by startting to tell her story of her time as a Novice to share with all of you. Fawn health is very bad right now she can use healing energy, and/or candles being lit for her health improve, and/or just you thinking of her being up and around and feeling better.

Now without further ado here in Fawn’s own words, with no editing done by me, is her first part of her on going story:


By : Forrest Devi ✨

Merry meet kindred souls, and welcome! If you have tripped across this blog , know that it is not by chance. I believe and innately know nothing happens by chance. Everything has a divine purpose . There are no coincidences in life, only synchronicity‘s guiding us down our path. Here on this blog I will share my story! With it, I hope to inspire your mind, warm your hesrt, and enlighten your spirit.

First let me introduce myself, I am Forest Devi. As long as I can remember i have been drawn out into the woods almost as if enchanted by. I have spent my life rescuing & sometimes raising different orphaned woodland creatures. And I have always had a great fondness for all things furry! Nature is my church where I’ve always found serenity. It has taking me many years and peeling back many layers to discover who I really am.

Which brings us to today, here on Witches of the Craft. It was several years ago and I somehow tripped across WOTC . Intrigued, I signed up to receive their daily posts . Following Lady Abyss who was very passionate about witches of the craft . It wasn’t until after she passed, & Lady Beltane took over that I developed the courage to study here as a novice . This clearly was my path!  Now I am currently knee-deep into my novice course on witchcraft. I feel blessed to be studying under Lady Beltane, whom I hold in very high regard. And filled with gratitude to be handed down her knowledge & tricks of the trade! She’s been by my side every step of the way. And thank goodness! Because If it wasn’t for that WHO would fix my magickal mishaps? let’s face it… The “Oops now what?”😳 is going to happen

Yes! I am still a work in progress. Not only as a witchlett, but also on healing my body! I have multiple sclerosis and that’s what brought me here! It was definitely a catalyst for my awakening . Six years ago my doctor told me bluntly, “you will eventually be bedridden and die from this.” At that point I decided to heal myself. There was no other option …and I wasn’t READY to lay down and die. And so began my spiritual quest! THATS when the magick started to really take place!

So join me , sisters and brothers as I perform what doctors say is the Impossible & reclaim vibrant health! While behind the scenes studying here as a novice on WOTC! I know NOTHING is impossible , the word itself says I’m possible! Plus I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Moral to the story here never give up! So buckle up, & fly with me!
It’s gonna be a bumpy ride… but the destination is WELL WORTH iT! We will talk soon my lovelies.
Blessed be ,
Forest Devi🐈‍⬛✨