I am Sorry for the Lack of Usual Post

So, I got a refurbished laptop and within a month it had a major problem. It went into sleep mode and would not come out of it. Yesterday WISH online shopping finally sent me the label to send it back. I went last evening and got it started on it way back to WISH. Which left me with either my desktop computer, which I can only sit at for about an hour until my back pain is so bad I have to lay down, or my Kindle tablet which takes me twice as long to post through. My wonderful fiancée took me to Rent-A-Center where he had coupons for a nice reduction in price for a brand new laptop, which I am using now. When we got home with it last evening I could not get on to use it. So, I put it aside very frustrated but I must have done something right because I did not have to take it back to the store to be able to use my own account on it. But as I was having a horrible morning I did not pick this laptop up to try to get on to it again until about 15 minutes ago and now here we are.

Now I have to take this one back because the Delete key doesn’t work. I give up for today. Looks like I will only be doing the daily and birthday horoscopes later today.