March 29 Moon Goddess’ Current Phase

SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2020

Today the Moon will be in a Waxing Crescent Phase. A Waxing Crescent is the first Phase after the New Moon and is a great time to see the features of the moon’s surface. During this phase the Moon can be seen in the western sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. The moon is close to the sun in the sky and mostly dark except for the right edge of the moon which becomes brighter as the days get closer to the next phase which is a First Quarter with a 50% illumination.

You can use this link to go forward or backward in time for Moon phase information. If you are curious you can even find out what phase the Moon was in when you or anyone else, you know was on the date the person was born.

March 29 Birthday Horoscope

People Born On March 29: Zodiac Sign Is Aries 

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS March 29, you are a different breed of Aries. You have been given more outstanding abilities of intellect, discernment, and sympathy than other Arians. You are even less impetuous but you still give out mixed signals.

Aries, your birthday horoscope for today says that your heart and your brain fight with each other and it is always interesting to see who wins. Your heart is sympathetic to the needs of others and your mind says take care of yourself.

The 29th March birthday personality trait you have is that either you are bashful and lazy or you are extremely motivated and affectionate. There is no reason behind it other than it depends on your frame of mind to which one you will be.

Well, for those of you born on March 29 friendships are important to you. Arians are apt to pick their friends with a fine checklist. Oddly enough, Aries, you choose friends that are opposite of you.

But you are attracted to humans that are much like you for a romantic rendezvous. Relationships should be a learning experience or so you believe. In other words, personal growth is the ultimate goal when seeking a lover or partner.As Aries birthday 29 March people form long-lasting relationships, you are likely to be full of life, loyal, caring and devotion. There is no need to remind you of birthdays or the first time you and your mate kissed.

Sometimes, you find it hard to distinguish between love and lust so Arians prefer to have sex with the one they love. Casual romances just do not give you what you need. Those born on March 29th want someone one who is opposite and complementary of them to keep things balanced.

The 29th March birthday analysis shows that those born on this day have incredible drive and initiative when it comes to work. You are typically the one that can change someone’s opinion or you are willing to let someone else take the lead on a project.

This is also not characteristic of your everyday Aries individual. Your co-workers are happy to work with you as you are easy going and dedicated, especially if it is for a worthy cause. March 29 Arians look for solutions from a different view and could possibly find answers to a problem while daydreaming!

If today is our birthday, you are no stranger to hard work… mentally or physically. You are the one that motivates others to get the job done. You are not a domineering boss but rather outspoken in the workplace. People enjoy you so they usually do what they are supposed to do without micromanagement. This has come through maturity.

But the March 29th birthday astrology predictions for health also forecast that though you do not have many health problems but when you do, it could be connected to a stressful lifestyle. Anyone can have the blues. Its life and bad things happens to good people.

When you are bothered, you lose valuable sleep or suffer with blinding headaches. When you are exhausted, you tend to be contrary or you develop a nonchalant attitude that is aggravating to others. These are your birthday characteristics, Aries.

We could sum it up this way, Aries. You who are born on March 29 are unique compared to other Arians. You can be lazy or motivated. Either way, you are good people. You are more calculating than your Arian brother or sister. Sometimes, your life is chaotic leaving you with headaches and restless nights.

The 29th March birthday meanings show that you work well with others and do not find it necessary to take the lead all the time. When you are overly tired, Aries, you tend to be moody or careless still you are very dedicated to your friends and family.

You want to be loved by someone that mirrors you. You believe that one should experience personal growth when in a romantic involvement. This is you in a nutshell!


This Day That Year – March 29 In History

1852 – It is illegal to work a child under 18 or a woman more than 10 hours per day in Ohio
1865 – 7582 people killed in VA (Appomattox campaign)
1886 – Coca-Coke (Coca-Cola) begins advertisements with John Pemberton, chemist
1940 – Johnny Paycheck looses to Joe Louis giving the title of heavyweight champion to him.

March 29  Mesha Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)
March 29 Chinese Zodiac DRAGON

March 29 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Mars that symbolizes motivation, authority, aggression, and passion.

March 29 Birthday Symbols

The Ram Is The Symbol For The Aries Zodiac Sign

March 29 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The High Priestess. This card shows that your intuition will help you make the right decisions. The Minor Arcana cards are Two of Wands and Queen of Wands

March 29 Birthday Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Aries: This will be an exciting, passionate and fiery romance.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Capricorn: A difficult relationship with nothing in common.

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March 29 Lucky Numbers

Number 2 – This number stands for diplomacy, frankness, modesty, and spirituality.
Number 5 – This number symbolizes ambition, innovation, adventure, and excitement.

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Lucky Colors For March 29 Birthday

Red: This is a powerful color that symbolizes raw power, joy, courage, radiance, and aggression.
Silver: This color stands for grace, hope, sensitivity, and sleekness.

Lucky Days For March 29 Birthday

Tuesday – This day is ruled by planet Mars. It symbolizes a day when you will active at work, love and other aspects of your life.
Monday – This day is ruled by the Moon. It stands for intuition, sympathy, nurturing and caring.

March 29 Birthstone Diamond

Diamond is your lucky gemstone that helps increase positive vibrations, strengthen love relationships and help in clear thinking.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 29th Of March:

A leather watch case for the man and an Italian breads gift basket for the woman.

To read anyone’s birthday horoscope

March 28 Northern Hemisphere Custom Planetary Positions

The time for the Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Chicago, Illinois, USA

March 28, 2020
11:00 am GMT (6:00 AM CDT)
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:08 Aries 14
Moon:22 Taurus 38
Mercury:10 Pisces 54
Venus:24 Taurus 10
Mars:28 Capricorn 21
Jupiter:23 Capricorn 57
Saturn:00 Aquarius 27
Uranus:04 Taurus 58
Neptune:19 Pisces 08
Pluto:24 Capricorn 48

True Lunar Node:02 Cancer 52 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:03 Cancer 36 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):06 Aries 51

Chiron:05 Aries 32
Ceres:21 Aquarius 28
Pallas:23 Capricorn 56
Juno:14 Libra 49 Rx
Vesta:02 Gemini 38

Eris:23 Aries 42

If you need to calculate the planetary positions for a specific use and time, click on this link

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For Your Local Time and Date

29 March Southern Hemisphere Planetary Positions

The time for the Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

29 March (28) 2020
07:00 pm GMT (6:00 AM AEDT)
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:08 Aries 34
Moon:26 Taurus 39
Mercury:11 Pisces 18
Venus:24 Taurus 29
Mars:28 Capricorn 35
Jupiter:23 Capricorn 59
Saturn:00 Aquarius 28
Uranus:05 Taurus 00
Neptune:19 Pisces 09
Pluto:24 Capricorn 48

True Lunar Node:02 Cancer 50 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:03 Cancer 35 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):06 Aries 53

Chiron:05 Aries 33
Ceres:21 Aquarius 35
Pallas:24 Capricorn 01
Juno:14 Libra 44 Rx
Vesta:02 Gemini 45

Eris:23 Aries 42

If you need to calculate the planetary positions for a specific use and time, click on this link

To figure out GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to your local time use this link

For Your Local Time and Date