Sisters and Brothers Time to Share Your Knowledge on whatever Pagan Path You Follow

I made a comment recently to a lovely women, Celtictreasure, suggesting she write a short article whatever topic of The Craft calls to her. As I said to her it does not matter if you have been studying a pagan path for 1 week or like me over 40 years we all have knowledge to share with our pagan sisters and brothers from all traditions and paths.

I would love to start putting up a post every Saturday morning from one of you. It can be about the tradition or traditions or path you follow, a poem, witchy joke, etc. THE ONLY RULE AND IT HAS TO BE FOLLOWED OR I CAN BE SUED BECAUSE OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LAWS- If you are using infomormation someone else published via a website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram , Pintrest or any where else on the internet you absolutely have to include the link you got the quote from. If what you are sharing comes from an e-book, hardbound or paperback book you have to include the authors name, the coptright year, and the page or pages you took the information from. IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE THESE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS,  IF NEEDED, I WILL NOT CONSIDER YOUR ARTICLE FOR PUBLICATION.

If what you submit to me is an original article let me know. If I  feel what you submitted would be good for novice witches I will post it on Coven Life’s website also.

You write the post have it emailed to me at by 12:00 PM CT so I can review it and let you know if any editing needs to be done. Than have the final draft of the post along with the name you want to use for you to get credit for your time and work. If you use your given name I will only post your first name.

Any questions please leave them in the comments section and I will answer them as soon as I  am able to. By putting the question here instead of emailing we can create a Q&A section other people can use. Articles will be posted in the order that they are recieved in my inbox. I’m so looking forward to the first  submission!!!