Our “Justice System” is Unfair and Blind

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Sorry, I would have gotten this up earlier in the day but just had the time now from an overly busy day to get to my emails. I just learned from a post on WOTC what happened at Lady Abyss’ courting hearing today.

If you remember approximately 5 weeks ago Lady Abyss for a job as wall around help at Kade, Lady Abyss’ familiar,  get office. Everything went well in the morning but all Hades broke loose after lunch when the owner/veterinarian attempt to take her when she refused to submit the vet hit her so hard across the face the rolling office chair went backwards into the wall and the vet was choking her. Needless to say Lady Abyss’ defended herself. Both she and the would be rapist were both arrested because when they arrived in the scene, the veterinarian office, she was in top of him hitting. It…

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One thought on “Our “Justice System” is Unfair and Blind

  1. Thank you Lady Beltane for making this post. The lawyer, Lord Myst and Lady A were all stunned by the court’s prosecuting attorney’s decision to proceed with the trial. The lawyer had advised Lady A if the vet did not show up, then the case would be dismissed. I agree with you completely, it is the “good old boys” treatment in this area. I am afraid for Lady A when they go to trial. I am afraid they will send her to jail. With her medical condition, she would not last six months in there. I am not familiar with how the systems works. I do not know if they would let her continue her treatments or not. Either way, if she is sent to jail, it will be a death sentence for her. Prayers are needed now more than ever for Lady Abyss. Please do as Lady Beltane asked and continue to pray for Lady A and that the blindfold from Lady Justice will be removed. Thank you again Lady Beltane, you are a good friend and sister to our Lady. We all appreciate that.

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