Good Monday Morning to all our precious family & friends. May the Goddess fill your life with love & joy today & always!

celtic blessings
We sort of, kind of, overslept. What can I say it’s a Monday. We are starting the week off on the wrong foot already. Boy, we know how to do it, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the week is going to turn out. Do have fantastic news, as you all probably already know, the government shut-down is over. Well for three weeks anyway but it is shut-down for now and that’s good news. Especially good news for me, I don’t have to beg for money anymore or temporarily. Speaking of money, I told Lady Beltane to just keep the donations we received in the savings account in case we run into another emergency we need to address. Speaking of which again, do any of y’all have suggestions for the next topic or issue that we might need to tackle. I have two that I always like to support one is Hunger in America and the other is the National Humane Society. These organizations have done nothing wrong, don’t misunderstand me. They are great organizations and they just don’t receive the recognition they deserve. It is pitiful to think in the greatest country on the planet, we have children going to bed at night hungry. Families going to bed at night hungry. We send trillions of dollars overseas but we can’t do anything at home to help our own. That is pitiful. I am one of those people who believes charity starts at home. We should take care of our own before sending money overseas. Hey, perhaps that is something we can look into and see if we can’t get some of those overseas funds directed at our most needy citizens. What do you think? We are open for suggestions.

If you have any organization in your area that needs help, let us know. They don’t have to be Pagan either. That was one of the ideas behind Pagans in Action, that we could show that we are truly giving and loving individuals. Then I thought perhaps that might wash away some more of that stigma associated with us. Well, hoping anyway. Think it over and if you have any ideas on our next little project, let us know. You can contact Lady Beltane or myself and we will follow through. Hey, we have three weeks to kill. I have a feeling in my bones that in three weeks, the government will be shut-down again. It would be nice if our elected officials could get their act together. I do hope one thing, that when 2020 comes around, you remember all the events that have happened this year and the year is still young. We need a change in leadership to move this country forward. A change that not only benefits the wealth but the rest of us as well. It seems they forget about us little people and cater to the rich. I would imagine that is wherever you go though. Hmm, sounds like I am running for President, lol! I can see that now, Lady of the Abyss for Pres and Lady Beltane as her Vice. We have already talked this over and agreed who would do what, lol! Seriously, see what happens when two witches put their heads together.

Anyway, got any ideas on our next little project let us know. I am off and running for now. Have a very blessed Monday.

Love ya,

Lady A