A Meteor Struck the Moon During Sunday’s Total Eclipse

It may be the first time that such an event was documented from Earth


The “super blood wolf moon” that lit up the night sky on Sunday marked the rare convergence of three lunar events: the January full moon, known as a “wolf moon,” appeared especially large because it was positioned unusually close to Earth, hence the “super,” and a total lunar eclipse caused the celestial body to glow a deep crimson—or “blood” red, if you will. While this spectacular phenomena was ongoing, yet another special event occurred: a meteor collided with the moon and sparked a powerful flash that could be seen from Earth.

According to Scientific American’s Nadia Drake, this may mark the first time that a meteor strike has been observed during a total lunar eclipse. On the night of the super blood wolf moon, a Reddit user reported seeing the flash on multiple webcasts, and social media was soon filled with images and input from other people who said they caught the meteor collision. Eventually, Jose Maria Madiedo, an astronomer at Spain’s University of Huelva, confirmed on Twitter that the “impact flash has been recorded by telescopes operating in the framework of MIDAS Survey from Europe.

MIDAS, or the Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System,

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  1. Thanks for posting this, sis. First I have heard of it and I think I am up on what is going on in the sky, HA! I guess coming from the mountains my little brain works overtime. All the things that are happening in our sky, makes me wonder if it is all a sign. Ever wondered that or do I just have an over active imagination? Thanks again for the post.
    Love ya,

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    1. You’re welcome! No I don’t think it’s an over active imagination. We are coming into a change hopefully for the betterment of Mother Earth and all her water ways that support all things living on her. With us two legged creatures taking her for granted.

      Love ya too sis,


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