This Week’s Tarot Card Reading for July 23 – 29: Wheel of Fortune

This Week’s Tarot Card Reading: Wheel of Fortune

Your weekly Tarot card advice for July 23-29, 2018

Life has a flow to it — a cycle, like a great wheel that takes you through phases of being. Sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you are in a less lofty position. It might even feel like you’re going to be crushed as the great wheel spins you downward. At least, that is the fear. You agonize over what you may have done to cause this spin, and what you can do to make it stop. While cause and effect is sometimes at play in a karmic aspect of the Wheel of Fortune, often you haven’t done anything at all but live your life.

More than anything, the Wheel of Fortune is a card about acceptance, patience, and attitude. Fighting the turning, struggling to stay at the top, takes so much energy, energy that will eventually give out as the wheel continues to turn. Instead, let things unfold as they will. Just as the wheel turns down, it will turn up again. In the meantime, you can adjust your attitude about your current position. What is there to learn at the bottom? Maybe a period of inaction is a time to rest and plan for the next phase. Maybe the downturn is what helps you appreciate what you had so you never take it for granted again. Every experience has something of value in it. Remember that this month’s theme card is the Hanged Man, a figure who seems calm despite being in such an upset position. See the turn of the Wheel of Fortune as another opportunity to gain new perspective.
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