Good Sunday Morning my dear sweet family & friends! May the Goddess Bless You & Yours This Beautiful & Blessed Morning!

Good Morning Sunshine
Good morning, my sweets! I hope everyone is having a very beautiful Sunday morning. I know I am. I am sure you all know about those poor boys and their coach in Thailand that have been stuck in a cave for over two weeks. I have watched with great interest and concern about these young boys and their coach since the story first broke. Since the time they were first announced lost till now their rescue, I have prayed and prayed and even begged the Goddess to break those boys and their coach out safely. This morning I woke up to the glorious news that the rescue was under way and 6 of the boys had already been rescued. To say the least, I cried. I know I am not the only one who has been praying for these young boys and their coach. With so much bad news in the world today, good news comes out of Thailand. Six of those boys brought out safely, what glorious news and an answer to so many prayers. Thank the Goddess for the wondrous miracle this Sunday morning. I think because I am a mother I have been so interested in their story. Also I have been in several caves in our area and to be in total darkness for that long, I don’t believe I could survive. I would suffocate in the darkness and panic. I couldn’t imagine one of my children being down in the ground so far and no being able to get to them. What agony these parents must have gone through. For some that is now over with, their boys are in the hospital and the families have been reunited. There are seven more to come out. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers that they will come out safely as well.


I can truthfully say this is the first morning in a long time I have woke up to good news from the broadcast companies. Most of the time there is talks of this getting blown up, a car bomber, a terrorist killing so many in a mall somewhere. It was just so refreshing and an answer to so many prayers that we received this news this morning. Thank you Goddess for giving us this blessing and answering so many prayers. Bring the rest out safely and let those poor, tortured parents nightmare be over with. If you have a minute today, say a little prayer for the rest of the boys yet to come out of the cave. Pray for their poor parents who have been put through this ordeal. Thank the Goddess for the brave and fearless rescuers. Pray that once they are out, they may continue their lives as normal and live very long happy lives. Goddess knows they deserve it.


That is not the only thing I wanted to share with you this morning. I didn’t want you to think we were goofing off. I am trying to dust off our old chatroom and get it up and running once again. I am hoping it won’t take very long. It shouldn’t all I have to do is replace our old chat with a larger one and then test it to make sure it is working. When I am finished with it, I thought perhaps you might want to chat a bit. What’cha say? Want to chat with the wicked witch of Kentucky, lol! Just kidding, I am far from being wicked. But just as soon as I get it up and going, I will let you know. I will post the link in a new post and put a banner up on the site so you can find it easily. The banner won’t be today but will probably be tomorrow. Right now the link will have to do. So to get this chat up and running I need to fly.

I will see you in a bit and hopefully talk to you in a bit. Till then…

Love ya,

Lady A