A Chuckle for Your Day


venlife.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/weekend-stole.jpgI saw this on a site I belong to for a support group for fibromyalgia and had to share it with you.

Remember laughing helps make the brain produce serotonin that makes you feel more positive. So I hope you get a good laugh from this!

Blessings of love and all great things to ha[[en in your life dear ones.

Simple way to Completely Smudge Your Home and Yourself

Enchanted Circle of Witches®

Smudging is usually done with White Sage and Sweetgrass combination this way is more of a NAtive American tradition. You can use White Sage by itself which is more of a witch’s way of doing it The White Sage takes all the negative energy out of your home and yourself and the Sweet Grass bring positive energy back into your home. If you do not use the Sweetgrass that is fine but be sure to ask for love, harmony, and positive energy to fill each room after you have cleared the negative energy from it.

To smudge yourself either start at your feet or head, depending on what feels right to you, WHile bring the smudge stick up or down your body ask Hekate to cleanse you of all negative energy, anger, resentment, and whatever else negative you feel you may be holding on to. Then ask her to fill…

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