We Got Struck By Friday the 13th

Well, I should never open my mouth. If you remember Monday, I said our Friday the 13th had already happened, HA! From the time we got here this morning at 8:00 till just about 15 minutes ago the cable has been out, All Friggin’ Day! I kid you not. I have never so aggravated in my entire life. I guess I am partially to blame. My cabin is now at the stage where the wires can be run through the walls. Last time, I had wires all up against the walls and everything. This time I just wanted simple little cable connectors in sockets in the wall. You know the kind that is attached to the wall and has the little thing stuck out so you just plug in your cable. Well they finally got out here to do that. I asked them if what they were doing would interfere with the office. I was guaranteed, “NO.” Some guarantee.


This morning the cable and phone people were here waiting on us. I swear I believe they were mad at us because we were five minutes late and they had to wait on us. Anyway, I ask the foreman again if it would interfere with the office and he said, “yes, it would because they had to take down the lines at the office and then tie in or something to run it to the cabin. I told him that was not what I was told. He informed me the person I talked to didn’t know what they were talking about. Then he asked the dumbest question, “do you want us to do the work or not?” Well, considering it took two weeks to get you out here, what do you think? They started and everything went. After three hours, Eleanor was out there asking them, “HOW MUCH LONGER?” I finally told her to come in and leave them alone. If she pissed them off, we would never have internet again.


Anyway, they are suppose to be through but who knows? The chat is still planned and going to happen tomorrow as you know. Just in case these technical geniuses show up and we lose internet(I should mention we also lose our phone when that happens) I have decided I will call Lady Beltane(by cellphone) and relay the message to her what is going on. Then she can relay it to you. But they promised me, they were through and it doesn’t hurt to have a back up plan with these jokers.


I apologize today and I look forward to seeing you in the chatroom tomorrow morning. It starts at 9 a.m., central but don’t worry if you can’t make it at that time, wander in anyway. I am sure we will be there for a couple of hours, we were the last time. Just drop by, say hello and meet who else is there. We want to get to meet you and hopefully you want to get to meet us. So I will see you in chat tomorrow. Till then, my sweets…..

Love ya,

Lady A


Saturday, July 14th

9:00 a.m till ????