Good Wednesday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

Good Wednesday, my dear brothers & sisters of The Craft. It has been a while since we last talked. What I have to discuss with you this morning is not a pleasant subject and I am sure you have already seen it on the News. I am referring to the devastating flood in Texas and the surrounding areas. The situation there breaks my heart and every time I see a child being carried across flood waters or a lady talking about everything she had lost, I cry. I cannot begin to understand or even feel what that might be like. All I can think is those poor, poor, people. I pray the Goddess to watch over them and give them strength to go on. Truthfully, when you are homeless, no clothes, no food and had to walk off and leave everything you own  how the words, “it will get better” can be of comfort. I can feel their confusion and their lost. I can also feel those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy. My heart truly breaks for them, it is a very horrible experience what these brave people are facing right now.


As you know, we are located in Kentucky. We have the remnants of the storm coming our way. It won’t be like anything the people in Texas faced. It will, however, be a very stark reminder of what can occur and what does occur and most of all we are powerless to stop it. If I had my way, we would be in Texas helping out in anyway possible. But that is not likely going to happen. I figure we would be more in the way than help. I know personally, we have many brothers & sisters in that area. Since we can’t go there in personal, we would like to make an offer to help them rebuild when the time comes. It might not seem like much, unfortunately, it is the best we can do. For all our brothers & sisters who lost everything in the flood, remember on thing, we want to help you rebuild your altars, your statues, any item of faith you might have lost. We are offering you a 50% off in our store. I wish I could just freely give everything you need but we have to pay for the merchandise ourselves before we can pass it on to you.


I hope you will remember our offer when it comes time to rebuild. All we require is a physical address that can be goggled and turns up in the flooded areas and you get the 50% discount. I wish we could do more but perhaps in some small way this will remind you that our Goddess loves you and so do we.

You are in our hearts and prayers, Texas,

Stay strong,

You are not alone, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers,

We love you

Lady Abyss & The WOTC Staff