In Case You Have Been Wondering What Has Happened……

This has happened……….


Magickal Necessities


This store still has some categories not completely filled up but they will be. At least you can see what we have been doing. I thought you enjoyed the store so I re-built another one. Our other store was on Go-Daddy and it was abruptly pulled by Go-Daddy. We were presented with a bill for almost $500 from them. We were suppose to have a free month with them, which we didn’t get. To activate that store, we had to pay up front. I called them and they were going to give us a discount for our  monthly bill, needless to say we didn’t get that either. They had us signed up for 2 accounts with them. When I called the rep was suppose to take of that, she didn’t. So when it was all said and done, we had two accounts and they deducted the money out of our account. I liked to have shit when I saw that and called them again. Oh and did you know Go-Daddy is not meant for you to build stores or websites on? I was informed it was only intended for a lead-in page to another site, not build a store on. I believe somewhere someone is doing some false advertising!!! Anyway that is how I got our money back and when I got back to the computer the store was gone in a flash. No time to transfer anything or save anything. So this new store is from scratch. I believe Go-Daddy did us a favor, to me this is a much better looking store anyway. But if you deal with Go-Daddy BEWARE!


I would like to finish the store up tonight and be back here tomorrow. If that is going to happen, I don’t know. I just didn’t want you to think we had left the country. I thought you enjoyed the store and I got pissed, no more like mad as hell, when they pulled it so quick. Hell, I don’t even know if there was orders there or not. But have a little patience, I am doing this for you.  Hopefully, we will see you tomorrow.


Lady of the Abyss